Missions Update March, 2020

Please pray for Eddie & Barbie Broussard, serving worldwide with the Navigators, a ministry making disciples in 109 countries! Eddie serves as one of their International Vice Presidents, helping to shape the future of missions sending. He also encourages and ministers to Navigators’ leaders in Eurasia and Latin America.

Meet Eddie, a member of Calvary Worship Center, in the Westside Life Center between services 2/29 or 3/1, and sign up to receive his updates. Thank you for being a part of their ministry!

Praise God for:

  • Eddie & Barbie's faithful ministry to the nations!
  • All the ways God blessed recent conferences dealing with the ministry's approach to worldwide missions!

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom for Eddie and other leaders for how to communicate the decisions that came out of those conferences. Wisdom for each Navigator, no matter where he or she serves, to know how best to carry out those plans within their unique contexts and giftings.
  • God to continue to move in Eurasia, including countries that are closed to the Gospel. Pray for Eurasian believers to grow in their faith and to know how to share that faith with the often hostile world around them.
  • God to continue to bless and encourage Eddie & Barbie, giving them times of rest and refreshment in His Word, plus deep fellowship with the saints around the world, including their home church of Calvary Worship Center!
CWC Mission Trips 2020

How is God calling you to step out in faith in the world of missions? Is He calling you to pray? To give? To go?

In 2020, Calvary Worship Center sending teams plan to:

• Assist with further construction on Pastor Pepe’s church in Juarez, Mexico! Tuesday-Saturday, May 5-9. Cost is $495 and applications are due March 8. For more information, please email jkbenthem@hotmail.com.

• Provide a Car Clinic (repairs, maintenance, and training) for Mexican pastors November 3-7. Cost is $495 and applications are due September 6. For more information, please email jkbenthem@hotmail.com.

• Serve children with special needs and their caregivers, plus assist with a Medical Clinic evangelistic outreach at His Safe Haven Village in Northern Liberia in November! Cost will be around $3,500 (depending on flight costs). For more information, please email JimCyndiCurran@comcast.net.

Mathare Worship Centre - Nairobi, Kenya

A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul! Proverbs 13:19

After years of praying, Mathare Worship Centre has received approval for their new building, Project Nuru!

Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom for Pastor Karau and Pastor Steve as they ask God the best way to move forward. Do they continue to rent a very substandard building? Do they use tents to meet on the land dedicated to the new building? If they do that, where do they meet when construction begins?
  • Funding for the building. Even though Mathare Worship Centre is in a slum area, building costs are similar to the USA, and the project is estimated to cost $1,000,000.
Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope - Nairobi, Kenya

Pastor Steve Karithi continues as pastor of Mathare Worship Centre, but his Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope job title has changed to Programme Director. His duties have changed to focus on strategy moving forward. He is visiting different areas and speaking with members of different organizations to explore options. Please keep praying as we seek God’s direction!

Thank you for praying for Geoffrey and Janet, who took their final high school exams and were making choices about their future education and jobs! They both wanted to do law but their scores did not qualify to get into a law programme directly. Janet has decided to pursue education psychology which she feels will enable her to work with children in the future. We are currently looking at her starting in May at Pan African Christian University. Geoffrey is leaning toward doing a course in I.T but we are still working to help him find what is best for him. He should also start in May for whatever course he will settle on.

Linda Weber with Pauline, Dorothee, Benedict, Valerie, Nina, Stephanie, Maud, Annabelle, and Jennifer.

Please pray for Linda Weber and her friends in Lamorlaye, France! Linda has been meeting with this group of moms and singles for a meal and a time of sharing. They come to Linda and her friend Dorothee with questions about faith and the Bible. Praise God for the privilege Linda & Dorothee have to guide them in their quest to live with Christ in their lives! Please pray God will guide them into all Truth.

Refugees in Lebanon & Northern Iraq (Kurdistan)

The situation in Lebanon has worsened with the increased trouble with Iran.

They have seen around 60% inflation. This crisis is severely impacting everyone, including our partners. It is primarily affecting the refugees, who were already living in distress and poverty. Our Lebanon partner told us, “The refugees are crying for help.”

Many have been families who have been refugees for over eight years.

These families had homes, farms, animals, jobs, TVs, computers, plenty of good food, and health care.

That is all lost.

Also lost are husbands, wives, children...many loved ones, either known dead or missing.

Many of those who escaped suffered horribly at the hands of their attackers and suffer severe trauma.

Today, they struggle to find work to provide for their families. They live in plastic/tarp homes, are hungry and cold, are often sick, and many children have had little or no education the entire time.


Our team has built a meeting place called 'The House of Love' using a 40' container Here they are taught lessons that range from health & hygiene, overcoming trauma, to how to be filled with joy.

More people want to come to the classes than can fit into the classroom.

There remains great pain and sorrow from the loss of their homes and loved ones.

But slowly, many are finding healing, self-esteem, and hope.

The situation in N Iraq remains difficult and complicated.

Though territorially defeated, ISIS is still active and attacking villages and kidnapping. Iran continues to pose a threat to the region, the Yazidi are not able to return home, to this day, primarily because of the lack of security from ISIS and others who wish to harm them. Now with the fighting in NE Syria many thousands have fled to find a place of safety in N Iraq.

His Safe Haven - Liberia

Praise God:

  • His Safe Haven received funds for a new motorbike which will help them access areas which are inaccessible by car. They also received funding for perimeter fencing. This will increase safety and protection for their families. Both of these new additions will expand and aid their ministry immensely!
  • His Safe Haven has established a monthly birthday club. They really want to foster a loving and inclusive family environment by celebrating the beautiful life that each of their children and staff are to this world.
  • His Safe Haven is blessed to have a local artist dedicated to sharing their vision and he is so talented! Their mural is getting close to completion; it is inside the building to show Jesus leading children of all abilities!

Prayer requests:

  • Jim & Cyndi Curran are traveling from Calvary Worship Center to His Safe Haven Village this month, March 5-15. Please keep them in prayer as they minister on this trip and also continue to "spy out the land" for the CWC team that will go in November, 2020!
  • Continue to pray for God's fruit to be shown at His Safe Haven. Every life is of value and the ministry of His Safe Haven is to not only care and love disabled children, but to impact the community as well. His Safe Haven cares for 26 kids now, including a 4 year old boy orphaned by Ebola. He was taken to His Safe Haven when his aunt was overwhelmed with his care and planned to poison him. Your gifts and prayers save lives!
Bath, England

Please continue to pray for Jeff & Naomi Cuozzo, ministering in Bath, England! They provide retreats for Israeli youth and are also helping plant a church in Bath. In April, they plan to begin hosting retreats for married couples to come away for a week from the relentless demands of ministry and family responsibilities to RECEIVE personal ministry from a godly, gifted and qualified Israeli counselling couple.

Please pray:

  • for planning and preparation for the marriage retreat.
  • for the couples who will attend to have their lives and marriages transformed by God.
  • for a replacement van for the Cuozzos and their ministry and family. Pray for a reliable, long-lasting van that is abundantly more than they ask or even imagine!
Widows in Gulu, Uganda

Praise God:

  • Matt Harris, our CWC missionary in Uganda, was able to attend the East Africa Calvary Chapel Association Conference, and worship alongside men of all different tribes and languages.
  • The group of women pictured above, who were added to the widows program where God's love is shown to them on a consistent basis through discipleship, food and work.

Please pray for:

  • a church in every village that rightly handles the Word of Truth and believes in the transforming power of Jesus' death and resurrection.
  • Relief from a massive plague of locusts moving across East Africa and causing tremendous pain and suffering.
Janice Evans - Ukraine

Praise God with Janice! She shares:

  • We thought that it would take a year for the pastor and his family to learn Russian and for me to improve mine, but God is continually bringing people in our lives regardless of our language skills.
  • We thought that it would be a while before we could afford a place for church and Bible study because what we saw was outrageously expensive. We needed a place we could rent for church because our contacts didn't feel comfortable coming to our apartments or a restaurant. Last week we found one that is reasonable to rent. We should be able to have church there is a few weeks.
  • I have been praying for a friend and it appears that my landlord's grandmother and I will be friends. (but I would like a younger friend also 😊)

Please pray for:

  • That we would meet people whose hearts are open to Jesus, and that we would make use of opportunities.
  • Please pray for the new family who is coming to our church. They are Ukrainian refugees from the war zone. They have lived in several places and just moved to this city the same time we did. They also need friends and are a delightful family. I pray we can know how to minister to their hearts. They have left everything and I can only imagine how difficult this has been for them.
  • Please continue to pray for my landlord's grandmother, Janna. She went to church with us. She said her eyes have been opened and she is reading the Bible at home but she stopped coming to church because she was the only Ukrainian and because we didn't having have a building for church. Now that she heard we have a place she said she wants to come. Regardless she continues to initiate getting time with me. Pray for me to be wise with her. She is 82 years old but quite spry. Pray she will understand and ask Christ into her life.
  • Please pray for Roma who lived with me when he was younger. He received Jesus then but he has wandered from God. I am praying for him to return to the Lord. I am thankful for him and that he still wants to be in my life. But I want to see him repent and return to the Lord.

Please pray for China, Asia, and the world and the effects of the coronavirus epidemic!

  • For God’s mercy for this virus to come under control quickly
  • For the health care workers in the affected areas to have stamina, compassion, and the supplies, testing kits, and medicines that they need
  • For God’s healing for those infected and God’s mercy for those who are suffering, especially those who are alone
  • For God’s people in every place affected to be Jesus’ hands and feet and messengers of the Gospel of hope that we have
  • For the leaders to make wise decisions that are all for the benefit of the people

When you pray or give, YOU are part of the Great Commission - going into all the world to spread the Gospel!

Be a part of the work God is doing at Calvary Worship Center!

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