St. Martin - St. Barths 8 Days | 7 Nights - Superyacht Charter Itinerary

Explore Exquisite Beauty

Beautiful islands and empty beaches interspersed with sea grapes and coconut trees.

St. Martin (Sint Maarten) is an island situated in the north east Caribbean Sea, approximately 300km east of Puerto Rico. The stunning island is in French territory and covers about two-thirds of the island located in the Leeward Island region and has a population of about 70,000 people. Once a small fishing village, it is now popular for its high-end shops and beautiful capital city, Marigot.

The beaches found in St. Martin are truly breathtaking, each with their own quirks and charms. A small area called Cupecoy has a series of small beaches located below orchre-colored cliffs that are not to be missed. It is the perfect place to take a day trip to explore, snorkel and dive.

St. Martin is rich in culture that has been greatly influenced by Africa and Europe. It also indulges in intriguing aspects of religion, language, cuisine and music.

St. Martin Climate

St. Martin is an island with a tropical climate with the annual average temperature sitting at 26 degrees celsius (80F). With temperatures rarely dipping below 20 degrees celsius (68F), the climate is ideal all year round.

The most appropriate time of year for superyacht charters is between November and April, with the average sea temperature being a perfect 25 degrees celsius (77F) – ideal for every type of exploration.


St. Martin

Welcome to St. Martin, a magnificent place sprinkled with palm-fringed beached, pumping bars and restaurants and tranquil hidden coves and bays.

You will arrive to Isle de Sol Marina in the afternoon where your crew will be waiting to welcome you onboard! Once settled in, you will cruise to a secluded bay where you will enjoy your first sunset dinner onboard.

On your way out of Isle De Sol Marina, you will experience the Simpson Bay Bridge, which is the main way to exit the dutch side of St. Martin. It is a fascinating experience that usually brings crowds!

Princess Juliana International Airport - an incredible sight to see!
Isle de Sol Marina - welcome onboard!
Your first sunset onboard
Isle de Sol Marina > St. Martin

Bon Voyage!

This itinerary is a sample only, and suggested by Experienced Superyacht Captains. It is subject to changes and amendments pending charter details and weather conditions at time of charter.