The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By:diane petit-bois

The Spatial Experience

When I first entered the theater I was amazed. I knew that this was a theater that was used for serious manners. The seats were so clean as well as the walking spaces. The ways the walls were designed made us feel as if we were in a private movie theater. I was able to sit in the second row, so I was able to enjoy the play up close. But I know that sitting a bit further back would allow me to see when the characters were coming in and out of the aisles. I began to get a bit excited when the lights dimmed and the audience got quiet. This was my very first real play and by that I mean one that did not take place in my high school cafeteria. The size of the auditorium felt just right. It was not too big to make me feel scared and not too small to make me feel uncomfortable. The role of place in the Good life is to reach that area where we feel content and at our happiness which will expose us to different experiences.

My Friends and I

The Social Experience

The experience that I felt attending this play with my friends is unforgettable. Despite the fact that me and my friends do a lot together and are with each other throughout the day, we were all excited to attend the play because we did not know what to expect. We were uncertain whether or not we would enjoy the play or simply fall asleep. I attended the performance with my close friends Anne, Jessica and Samantha. To get ready for the performance I ate a big breakfast because I did not want the audience to hear my stomach grumble during an important act in the play. The role of sharing experiences in the good life is to make those moments more memorable and it allows us to take in other views.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance helps me understand a new way of viewing our culture because a lot of serious statements were made that resonated with me. For example, I never took into consideration where a lot of the cheap products I bought come from and the labor that went into this. Especially when buying things from China at a cheap price. It makes me ask myself if children are still working in factories trying to meet the demand? The play took place in Canada Quebec City in December of 1905. The central issue addressed in the performance is about child labor and being considerate about the things that come from factories.

The Emotional Experience

The play provides us an opportunity for katharsis because throughout the entire play characters were stepping out of their comfort zone. For example, the mother at the end stood up to the boss and decided to reveal that her younger son was working in the factory. This was her way of coming clean. Each of the characters released an emotion that was significant to their role in the play. They each struggled with something different in the play. For example, Talbot struggled with sexual assault throughout the play and had to find ways to cope. I am better able to realize situations that happened in an industry.

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