The Catcher In the Rye Trysten Newman P.3

Trysten Newman

Mrs. Charney

English 11A

Dec 13, 2016

Throughout the novel The Catcher and Rye the author Holden Caulfield conveys many feelings such as sadness, loneliness, and hatred. He does this through many quotes and songs.


¨I keep wishing I could go home and shoot the bull for a while with old Phoebe" (page 81)

¨Sometimes I think there is nothing to live for, I almost break down and cry¨ (Haileys song Eminem)

This shows Holden has so many struggles throughout his life and how Phoebe was the one person who helped him recover and gave him hope for the future. This quote show loneliness in Holden's story.

¨Would you care to stop on the way and join me for a cocktail?¨ (page 60)

¨Is anybody out there? It feels like I'm talking to myself¨ (Talking to myself- Eminem).

The lyrics and the quote show how lonely Holden is at the moment. He's so lonely he decides he´ll try and invite the cab driver out for a drink.


¨Somebody'd written ´fuck you´ on the wall. It damn near drove me crazy¨ (Page 201)

¨Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once¨ (Basket Case- Green Day)

This song mirrors Holden´s character surprisingly well. All Holden does throughout the book is whine and complain about meaningless things.

¨Boy do I hate it´ I said, ´But if it isn´t just that. It´s everthing¨ (Page 131)

¨But I couldn´t take it anymore so I left, I hate everyone¨ (I hate everyone- Go set Go)

This song and quote portrays Holden´s hatred for everyone around him. And his surroundings aggravate him to the point where every little thing annoys him.


¨I stopped having a conversation with him, if he was going to get all damn touchy with it¨ (page 82)

¨You know that I could use somebody¨ (Use somebody- Kings of Leon)

In this, Holden is lonely so he starts up a conversation about the ducks in the pond with a man sitting next to him. When the man starts to get annoyed by Holden´s presence, Holden starts to get angry because the man doesn´t want to converse with him anymore.

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