Google AdWords Fit 4 Everyone

We chose Google Adwords from the list of references because Fit 4 Everyone could benefit from this service. The tool allows any business to create an advertisement which will be displayed in the search results, when specific key words are searched. Google Adwords will be a beneficial tool for Fit 4 Everyone because it allows the company to pay as their advertisements are viewed and allows the company to choose specific locations to target with these advertisements. This is important for a small businesses like Fit 4 Everyone because they only have one location and do not want to pay for advertisements to bee seen by people that will geographically never be near their location. Other forms of advertisement can be expensive, which makes Google AdWords a perfect tool to utilize for Fit 4 Everyone's marketing efforts.

Getting Started

Organizational Benefits

  • Takes the guess work out of marketing. No contracts. Pay as you go.
  • Google Adwords is measurable, accountable, and flexible.
  • Reach the right people at the right time.
  • Google Adwords allows for geographic targeting and displays your advertisement when potential customers are searching for related products.
  • Google Adwords allows companies to connect with potential customers on multiple different devices.
  • Flexible Budgeting and Simple Payment Options.

How it Works

Thanks, Brandye Huggins & Michael Rives

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