OTZI the iceman

Who is Otzi?

"Rewrote the history books." - Smithsonian

Otzi, the name given by scientists to the mummified corpse found one evening in by September 1991. Two German tourists discovered the mummy while walking off the path between the mountain passes Hauslabjoch, and Tisenjoch. When they first saw the mummy, they thought it was just a rotted corpse of a recently deceased hiker or mountaineer. However, when archaeologist Konrad Spindler took a closer look, he made a massive archaeological discovery that rewrote the history books. Otzi, better known as the iceman, was over 5,000 years old! Near the place he was found, a copper axe, longbow, arrows and quiver, flint dagger, birch-bark containers, a backpack, stone disc and a birch fungus. Scientists think Otzi was around his mid to late 40's.


"He may well be the most studied human, in history."

THEORY 1: When Otzi was found, he had many wounds, two on his right hand and wrist. These wounds indicate that maybe he dealt with hand to hand combat leading to his untimely demise. Also, tribe wars used to happen on mountain peaks where Otzi supposedly was before he was ambushed and fell onto a path nearby. This also explains why he would have a dagger and why arrows and quivers were found nearby him.

WHAT THEORY I BELIEVE: The theory I believe on how Otzi died is that he was the victim to human sacrifice. The evidence to support this is clear. 5,000 years ago, slithery was a very rare skill that only a few people had, thus leading a smith to be considered more valuable as a human then a farmer or hunter. Also, the mountain where Otzi supposedly died is known for a place to please the gods. This would explain sacrifice. If they would sacrifice something to the gods, they would sacrifice a something valuable. A smith used to be the most high class so they would definitely sacrifice that. Also, they would sacrifice something equivalent to diamonds, maybe..hmm..a copper axe. You wouldn't just leave behind a copper axe, it was considered more valuable than diamonds back then making it the perfect thing to sacrifice. Otzi went to the mountains and either starved or froze to death and the gods accepted this sacrifice.



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