A Board's View The Croton-Harmon Board of Education

The Board of Education is a seven-member volunteer body elected by the public to uphold this system. Staggered three-year terms begin on July 1st of the year in which trustees are elected. Voting for school board representatives takes place on the same day as the annual school budget vote.

In contrast to the Superintendent, the Board focuses on the end result of the district’s vision, goals and policies (the what, why, how well, and how much). The Superintendent (as CEO) focuses on the means of achieving these aims by setting objectives, taking actions, making recommendations and planning (the how, when, where, and by whom).

While the Board oversees the education of the district’s students and is responsible for district operations, it does not directly run the day-to-day operations.

Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School

Major roles of the Board are to:

Represent and lead the community in educational matters.

Oversee the district’s resources.

Advocate for the district’s children, taxpayers, and public education in general.

Regulate the fair application of laws in the operation of the district’s schools.

Appoint the Superintendent.

The Board’s Responsibilities are to:

Set the district’s direction.

Ensure the alignment of strategy, resources, policies, programs, and processes with the district’s goals, mission and vision.

Assess and account for progress.

Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School

Contacting the Board of Education

The Board speaks as one body after it comes to agreement on topics. For that reason, we prefer that the community addresses questions or comments to the full Board by using the email address boe@chufsd.org, or by leaving a message or letter with Tracey Borges, District Clerk, at the District Office, 10 Gerstein Street, 914-271-4713 ext. 4206.

Questions you would like addressed publicly on the District’s website can be submitted to “Ask the Board” on our website.

Trustees may also be reached at:

Iris Bugliosi, President, (term ends 2019) 914-271-8826

Andrea Furey, Vice President, (term ends 2021) 914-271-7640

Sarah Carrier, (term ends 2020), 914-862-4514

Joshua Diamond, (term ends 2019) 914-486-8282

Neal Haber, (term ends 2020) 914-271-2886

Elizabeth Lynam, (term ends 2020) 914-271-0757

Brian Loges, (term ends 2021) 914-862-0511

Croton-Harmon High School

Board Committees

All committee meetings are open to the public, will be publicly noticed, and are listed on the Board's calendar on our website.

Advocacy: Sarah Carrier and Neal Haber

Audit: Josh Diamond, Brian Loges and Elizabeth Lynam

Board Development: Iris Bugliosi and Brian Loges

Communications: Sarah Carrier, Josh Diamond and Board officers

Policy: Neal Haber, Andrea Furey and Elizabeth Lynam

District Office

Croton-Harmon Board Meetings

Croton-Harmon High School Community Room at 7:30 pm, except in summer, or otherwise noted. Business meetings are normally held on the first Thursday of the month and usually begin with a half-hour executive session that is closed to the public.

All agendas are released to the public prior to the meeting and are subject to change.

When an item of business comes before the Board, four votes must be cast in favor of the motion for it to be passed.

Meetings held in the Community Room are live-streamed. Student-produced videos of business meetings are posted to the district website within 2-3 business days of the meeting. Meetings can also be viewed on Public Access Channel 77.

Board Meeting Schedule for 2018-19

Business Meetings:

Thursday, Oct. 4

Thursday, Nov. 1

Thursday, Dec. 6

Thursday, Jan. 3

Thursday, Feb. 7

Thursday, March 7

Thursday, April 4, includes adoption of school budget

Thursday, May 9, includes public budget hearing

Thursday, June 6

Work Sessions:

Thursday, Sept. 27

Thursday, Oct. 18

Thursday, Nov. 15

Monday, Dec. 13, tenure in executive session, District Office, 7 pm

Thursday, Jan. 17

Thursday, Feb. 28

Saturday, March 9, Budget Review Meeting, 7:45 am-1:30 pm

Thursday, March 21

Tuesday, April 23, includes BOCES budget vote

Tuesday, May 21, includes tenure celebration, 7 pm

Thursday, June 13, includes volunteer and retirement recognition

Budget Vote and School Board Election

Tuesday, May 21, CHHS Gymnasium, 36 Old Post Road South, 6 am-9 pm

Board of Education Informal Meet-and-Greet Coffees

They are scheduled on the Saturdays prior to BOE business meetings whenever possible, from 9 - 11 am, at the Black Cow Coffee Company, 4 Old Post Road South.

September 29

October 27

December 1

January 5

February 2

March 2

March 30

April 27

June 1

For more information about the Croton School Board

Please visit the “BOE” tab of the district’s website. The district also shares information through K-12 alerts, Facebook and Twitter.


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