The comeback By: Ryan Brotzel

Boom! As the punch connected to my face, in a matter of seconds my body hit the floor of the ring. I could feel a hurting pain in my body, but I wasn’t focused on that, I was focused on the taste of my own blood. While my ears were ringing, I could hear the feint sound of the numbers 1, 2, and 3. The next thing I knew is that I was on my knees, listening to the taunting of my opponent. As I got to my feet, my body hurt, and my face was numb, and before I knew it another punch connected to my jaw.
3 Months ago, in Los Angeles, California, was when I got called to fight against Tyrone Woodley. Tyrone and I were good friends and training partners, that was before I got called to fight him."This is going to be the biggest fight you have ever had Robbie" My coach explained. "you better be prepared for this".

"What are you talking Tom, I'm ready for anything."

"Well we better go to the Gym for your daily training session."

As we arrived at gym, I went inside to hear the sound of a familiar voice "HEY LAWLER!" Tyrone yelled. "What are you doing in my Gym".

"What do you mean your gym Woodley."

"You think you're so tough coming in here, if you think your tough fight me."

The words that have just left his mouth filled me with anger. "If you really think you can beat me, FIGHT ME RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!" I walked into my dressing room, more furious then I have ever been. "This is bullshit, who does he think he is coming into my gym trying to embarrass me, well that’s not going to happen, I'm going to knock him clean out."

We only got 5 minutes to get prepared, and I am still angry. When I walked towards the ring, Woodley glared at me the whole time, which mad me even more mad. Before I step into the ring I always say a small prayer to God before entering it, just to make sure I don’t get badly injured, God wasn’t there for me this time. I was getting beat up bad, then before I knew it, I heard the feint sound of the numbers "1...2...3" from the referee.

"I can't let him win". Before the referee could reach 10, I grabbed onto the white rubber rope and pulled myself to my feet, just to get knocked down again. This has happened to me 3 times so far, but the fourth one is the one that connected to my jaw, and that’s the only thing I could remember was Woodley's fist hitting me directly on my jaw, and the only thing a could see was nothing but pitch black.
The next day I awoke in a hospital bed. Waking up in a dramatic manner I ask "what happened."

"You were knocked out Robbie, for the first time in your carrier" my coach tom explained. "You have a concussion from getting hit so many times in the head in a matter of minutes."

"I'm going to get Woodley for this."

"No you can't."

"What, why not!"

"Because the doctor said you can't fight because you have a concussion." The words that have just left his mouth made me wondering if I will ever fight Woodley again. "The doctor said that this is worst one you have had yet."

"What else did he say."

"He also said you have to take a break from boxing for 1 year." I thought to myself what am I going to do, boxing is the only thing I have in my life. While I was sitting in silence, in the hospital bed, Tom said the best thing I would ever hear him say "But there is one thing he also told me."

"What did he tell you."

"He said you could still train for the main fight we are going to have with Woodley."

"Really, well we better get to the gym."

"No you need to rest, before you can continue training, besides Woodley said he didn’t want to see you around where we use to train."

"Well looks like we have to find a new gym."

I started training the week prior to my injury, at a gym called boxing For Life. It is 7 blocks down from my the gym that I use to train at. The gym I use to train at was called Global Boxing, it has more useful equipment and better training areas. Boxing For Life has less equipment, and the equipment is lower tech. "You will be training here, till the fight against Woodley, four times a week till you recover from your injury" explained coach tom. "Then after your injury has healed up, you will have to train six days a week, for two months."

"Then what?"

"We beat Tyrone Woodley."

1 months goes by, and I am nervous. I keep having nightmares about when I got knockout by Woodley, and how he kicked me out of Global Boxing. That’s not the only thing I was having nightmares about, my coach Tom past away a week prior to my fight, and I couldn’t stop thinking about his last words to me. His last words to me were to Beat Tyrone for me.

It’s the night before the fight and I am scared of Woodley, the only thing I could think of was Tom he was the only support I had at the fight. Now it is just me and only me about to fight the only man that has ever beat me Tyrone Woodley.

It was 5:00am in the morning, and I was in a deep sleep, dreaming about coach Toms death. I was sitting next to him, then the next thing I know he gets up and punch's me clean on the jaw, knocking me down to the ground. When I hit the floor I awoke to sound of my alarm clock. Throughout the whole day I was just thinking about the dream I had last night, and If it was a sign that I was going to lose.

Night falls, all alone in my dressing room, waiting to be called out of it. I can hear my name being called, but I don’t move, I am a still as a rock. Then I feel a hand press on my shoulder, thinking it is my workout coach, I get up and say "let's go, I'm ready" but before I could react I hear

"Are you sure you are ready." I fall back to the ground asking in surprise and struggling to get up to my feet.

"Coach Tom is that you, it can't be you are dead."

"You are right, I am dead, you are just imagining me."

"But why, why am I?"

"Because, you don’t know what to do without." What he just said caught me off guard, I didn't even know what to say.

After five minutes of silence, I broke the silence "Then what do I do?"

"You go out there and you knockout out Tyrone Woodley." Then he vanished into mid-air.

Just as Tom disappeared, my workout coach walks in and says "c'mon it's time to go."

We get to the boxing ring and the crowd is booing me. I didn’t care about them the only thing I could think about was what coach Tom said to me. Before I knew round one started And it happened crack right to my jaw and I was down to the ground listening to the numbers 1,2, and 3. I get to my feet tasting my own blood in my mouth, that was only round one. Round two is what I was worried about. It is when I get cracked on the jaw by Woodley. I didn’t know what to do, I was tired and hurt, but then I saw him, Coach Tom sitting in the crowd, and he smiles at me. That disappears, when I hear Woodley say "Get up and you will lose."

I smile and say "We'll see about that."

When round three starts I come out and knock Woodley down right away. He looks at me in surprise. Then I knock him down again and again, until Woodley tries to get up for the fourth time, but before he could I punch him square in the face, which results in him with a bloody face and no response to getting up. When everyone realizes he is out cold, I hear cheering and chanting. Then everyone rushes onto the ring picking me up and holding me in the air chanting my name.

After celebrating with my coaching staff, the referee brings me and Woodley to the center of the stage. He announces "Ladies and gentlemen, after three rounds of boxing, we have a new champion, and that new champion is." After a short pause he says "ROBBIE LAWLER."

At that moment I saw ,walking out of the stadium, Tom and he gives me a wave goodbye. Then he just disappears into thin air. after that I went on to retire a champion. All of the fights that I was battling, I knew that coach Tom was watching and supporting me, throughout the rest of my career.

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