August in the Studio a month of paintings

I spent many days painting this summer. My daily routine of enjoying the garden with hot days and having the studio doors open were amazing. Listening to bird song whilst painting has been a dream for many years and this year it really came together. I poured, sprayed and enjoyed colour in a way that surprised me constantly

Part of my painting process is reviewing it into black and white. I do this to reveal how contrasting shapes are working which is often trickier to see in colour

Wake Up Call
1m x 80 Acrylic on canvas

"Dreamers" is the other large canvas that I worked on. This painting evolved from lots of layers of paint, experimenting with colour, turning the canvas around, working with flowing paint and when it got really hot I ended up spraying myself just to keep cool.. it was a lot of fun.

I have also painted new Tiny Paintings. These are acrylic on wooden postcards. I will also release a small print range which will be in my prize draw and online contests this autumn

New Tiny Paintings