Life in the 1930's By: calisa stEel

City life in the 1930s struggled with the stock market crashing, business started closing and laying off workers.

Farming in the 1930s was hard because of the worst drought ever! In result farmers could not farm as good along with the Great Depression going on.

Minorities in the 1930s included mostly black Americans and women. They were normally the first to lose their jobs and had a hard time finding jobs. Unemployment rate in the United States was over 25 percent; at the same time, unemployment rates for various American minorities ranged up to 50 percent or more.

Family life was probably the worst because of having so little food , working hard to pay to stay alive and to support your family.

Board games were the most popular which include checkers, chess, and more. Hide and seek was another games that was played a lot in the 1930s. Books were an extremely popular thing to read.


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