Jeremiah Dancel 7th Grade: A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Parker Getting the gist

Chapter 1, Southern Sudan 2008: Nya is walking to get water, the walk will take her half the morning.

Chapter 1, Southern Sudan 1985: A Dinka tribe member named Salva lives in a village of Southern Sudan, he has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Salva's sisters are not allowed to go to school because of their gender. One day, Salva was in school. He heard gunfire in the village. Salva's whole village and class fled into the near by bush, Salva saw people running for the safety of their lives.

Chapter 2, Southern Sudan 2008: Nya gets a thorn stuck in her foot and has to stop her walk to water.

Chapter 2, Southern Sudan 1985: Salva was running for his life all day, he saw many people from other villages and his village as well, but none from his family. He finally caught up with a group, the group walked until they reached a rebel camp where men, woman, children, and the elderly were split up. The men were forced to go with the rebels while the woman, elderly, and children were able to leave. Salva and the rest of the group found an abandoned barn to rest in for the night. When Salva woke up the next morning, none of the people from the group were there, they left him behind.

Chapter 3, Southern Sudan 2008: Nya has finally made it to her destination, the pond. When Nya gets there she sees many other people to fill up their containers with water as well. Once Nya has filled up her container, she puts the container full of water back on her head for the long journey back home.

Chapter 3, Southern Sudan 1985: Salva knows he was left behind because he was a child. Salva was scared and did not know what to do, he saw a woman off in the distance and recognizes her from his village. The woman let Salva stay in the barn for a while. A few days later the woman told Salva that she is leaving to be closer to the water, Salva became sad and upset, he did not know what to do. Suddenly, after the woman left, more Dinkas arrive.

Chapter 4, Southern Sudan 2008: Nya has arrived at home only to eat lunch and go back to the pond. Nya's mother wanted Nya to take her younger sister along with her so she will be able to learn how to get water when she gets older.

Chapter 4, Southern Sudan 1985: A woman from the passing group arranged for Salva to join their group. After joining the group, the group hasn't eaten or rested for days. Salva meets a boy, the same age as Salva, named Buska. Salva and Buska were walking until Buska heard a noise. Buska follows the noise and finds honey, enough for the whole group.

Chapter 5, Southern Sudan 2008: There is a big lake near Nya's village, a 3 days walk. Her family moves there during the dry season to have water near by when they need it. Nya and her family are from the Nuer Tribe, the Dinka Tribe moves the as well, during the dry season. Nuer and Dinka are enemies and fight. The two tribes avoid fighting over water, and just want to survive.

Chapter 5, Southern Sudan 1985: Many people from the group have bee stings all over but are full from the honey. As the group keeps moving, more people join the group. Salva met a new kid named Marial, who is as well without his family. Marial tells Salva that they are traveling to Ethiopia, Salva is sad because if he leaves to Ethiopia he may never see his family again.

Chapter 6, Southern Sudan 2008: Nya enjoys the lake because she doesn't have to walk very far for water, on the other hand her mother does not like the lake. Her mother doesn't like the lake because she is worried her father and brother will fight the Dinkas when they go hunting.

Chapter 6, Southern Sudan 1985: Salva's uncle has found him. His uncle joined the group and immediately became the leader. Slava's uncle used his gun to hunt and feed the group. After eating too fast the whole group threw up later that night. Salva hears someone crying...

Chapter 7, Southern Sudan 2008: During the walk, Akeer, Nya's sister gets really sick. Nya isn't sure what to do but there is a doctors clinic few days walk.

Chapter 7, Southern Sudan 1985: In the night Slava's friend, Marial was taken by a lion. Salva was very scared and did not know what to do. The next day, the group reaches the Nile River and has to make boats to cross.

Chapter 8, Southern Sudan 2008: Nya and Her mother take Akeer to the doctors. Akeer is feeling better and was sick because of dirty water, the doctors said to biol the water to kill all germs but if the boil it too long all the water will evaporate.

Chapter 8, Southern Sudan 1985: The group reaches an island that belongs to fisherman. The group gets plenty of food and water for the next part of their journey: the desert.

Chapter 9, Southern Sudan 2008: Nya's family returns to their village from the hospital. Visitors arrive to her village, in a jeep, discussing water. Nya is confused why they are talking about water.

Chapter 9, Southern Sudan 1985: Salva and his group cross the rest of the river and are now taking a 3 day hike across the Akobo Desert. Salva's shoes are tearing and falling apart, Salva abandons his shoes and goes barefoot. He stubs his toe on a rock and his whole toenail came off, he starts to cry and give up but then his uncle encourages him to move forward. The next day the group comes across a group of men lying on the ground of the desert, some of Salva's group stops and helps the men.

Chapter 10, Southern Sudan 2008: The visitors in Nya's village are exploring her village and finally find a spot between 2 trees and claim they will find water. Nya is confused because there is no water around.

Chapter 10, Southern Sudan 1985: On the groups last day in the desert, Uncle tells Salva that he fears no one from Salva’s family is alive. He also tells Salva that he will leave Salva at a refugee camp and then go join the war. As the group ends their journey through the desert, they find a dead bird near a small pool of water and some trees. They build a fire to cook the bird but then men with weapons arrive. They tied up Uncle and made the group give them everything they had, including their clothes. Before they left, they shot and killed Salva’s uncle.

Chapter 11, Southern Sudan 2008: The visitors in Nya's village left. The people of the village are left to clear the land where the well was supposed to be dug. The clearing is difficult and Nya still doubts they will find water between the two trees.

Chapter 11, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia 1985: Salva's group buries Uncle and continues their journey. Salva is very sad but is determined to survive. The other members of the group turn against Salva and do not share their food or help him. The group finally arrives at the refugee camp in Ethiopia, Salva is shocked by the thousands of people there. Salva thinks he sees his mother.

Chapter 12, Southern Sudan 2009: The visitors of the village arrive the next day with a large drill, Nya calls it the iron giraffe. The women of the village gather gravel for the drill, Nya is still unsure of the purpose but notices her village working together,

Chapter 12, Itang Refugee Camp, Ethiopia, 1985: After chasing the woman, Salva soon finds out it is not his mother and is very sad, he finally realizes that his family is truly gone and he will never see them again suddenly he thinks of his uncle who got him through the desert by having him focus on one small goal at a time. He decides this is how he will continue. Six years later Salva is still in the camp when rumors circulate that the camp will be closed. Salva is now seventeen and the Ethiopian government is going to collapse. Later, men in trucks arrive and tell the people at the camp that they must leave Ethiopia, the men start to shoot their guns and chase them out of the camp toward the Gilo River, a river that is known for its deadly crocodiles.

Chapter 13, Southern Sudan 2009: The drilling process for the well is slow an problems keep occurring, the drill needs water to keep the drill running so the drilling crew has to go to the pond several times a day. The bag they use to carry water has multiple leaks and must be patched. The workers become discouraged but their boss keeps them working.

Chapter 13, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya, 1991-1992: As the men were firing their guns people were jumping into the river, for many people, the current was too strong and either drowned or were swept away, crocodiles were also attacking people who jumped in the water. The soldiers then started shooting at the people trying to cross the river, Salva jumps in the water as his only choice, and another boy grabs him, almost drowning him. The boy lets go because he is shot and killed and Salva realized the boy probably saved his life by forcing him under the water. Salva eventually reaches the other side of the river, but soon finds out over 1,000 people died trying. Salva became a leader of orphaned boys who escaped the soldiers, the Gilo River, and the crocodiles. The boys are headed to Kenya, where there are other refugee camps, Salva often thinks of his family as he guides the boys toward safety. It takes a year and a half to walk to the camps

Chapter 14, Southern Sudan, 2009: After many days of drilling, water starts to come out of the hole, people begin to cheer and celebrate but Nya becomes concerned because the water is brown and dirty.

Chapter 14, Ifo refugee camp, Kenya, 1992-1996: Salva is now 22 years old and has been in Kenyan refugee camps for 5 years. Some of the people at the camps were families, but most were orphaned boys and young men, life in the camps was difficult, there was little food and much sickness. Salva makes friends with Michael, an aid worker, who starts to teach him English and how to play volleyball. Salva hears a rumor that some boys will be sent to the United States. One day, Salva’s name finally appears on a list saying that he will be going to Rochester, New York.

Chapter 15, Southern Sudan, 2009: Nya’s brother explains to her that the reason the water is muddy is because it is mixed with the water from the pond. He tells Nya that they will keep drilling and eventually will get to clean water. Then they will have to put pipes and gravel in the ground, pour cement and wait for the cement to dry. Nya is still disappointed that she will have several more days of hauling water from the pond.

Chapter 15, Nairobi, Kenya, Rochester New York, 1996: Salva has to undergo a lengthy process to prepare for his trip to America, he has to take three planes to get to Rochester. When he arrives he meets his new family, Chris, Louise, and four other siblings. The family gives him more clothes before they leave the airport. Salva bravely takes his first steps into the cold of America.

Chapter 16, Southern Sudan, 2009: Now men are clearing even more land. Nya asks her father why they are doing this and he tells her they are getting ready to build.

Chapter 16, Rohester New York, 1996-2003: Salva is amazed at life in America, so much is different from his experiences in Sudan. He is learning English and is grateful for his patient, kind adoptive family. Six years pass and Salva is in college, studying business. He knows he one day wants to help people in Sudan then, he receives an email from a distant cousin saying his father is alive and about to undergo stomach surgery. Salva is very excited and immediately starts planning a trip to see his father. It takes several months to arrange the travel, but he finally arrives back in Sudan.

Chapter 17, Southern Sudan, 2009: Nya learns that they are building a school where all children of all genders can go to learn. Nya is very excited because she will learn to read and write.

Chapter 17, Sudan, Rochester New York, 2003-2007: Salva is finally reunited with his father, who is shocked that Salva is alive and well, his father never gave up hope that Salva was alive. Salva hears that his mother, sisters, and one brother are still alive, his two other brothers were killed in the war. Salva’s father is in the hospital because he is sick from drinking unclean water over many years. As Salva heads back to America, he constructs a plan how he can help the people of Sudan, he began to talk to groups of people and tell his story while raising money for a project in Sudan.

Chapter 18, Southern Sudan, 2009: The well is finally finished and Nya no longer has to spend her days walking to fetch unclean water, Nya learns that a school in America raised the money to build the well. Because of the well, the village will have a school, a new marketplace and even a clinic. Nya’s brother tells her that the crew leader is a Dinka who has built many wells for his people, but this year, he decided to build one for the Nuer. Nya is shocked that a Dinka would do this and goes to thank a man named Salva.

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