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National Geographic Photographer--- Makes 100,000 dollars per year (not steady but sporadic income). Takes pictures of exotic people, places, and animals throughout the world.
Iceland, I would utilize the beautiful hiking trails throughout the island nation.
In a kitchen it is imperative to have clean hands while cooking. Using hand washing stations before, during, and after preparing meals helps to minimize hazards.
Caesar Salad, We learned the value of keeping things hot and cold in terms of combining them in the same dish. We also learned the importance of cross contamination and how not to mix food when preparing a meal. Another tip was how to correctly cook chicken and how to chop lettuce correctly.
Apple Cobbler- We learned many important lessons about preparing different ingredients simultaneously. By keeping our hot and cold and liquid and solid items separate until they were ready to be combined the dish was a success. Another key tip was how to cut apples correctly.
Three of my favorite knife cuts I made were the Julienne, the Large Dice, and the Small Dice. The Julienne cuts were 1/8 X 1/8 with a length of 2 inches. They are long and slender cuts usually with carrots. The Large Dice are almost die looking cubes that are 3/4 X 3/4 X 3/4. Small Dice is 1/4 X 1/4 X 1/4 very small cubes used as garnish on a variety of dishes.
Rolling Pin: I would have this in my kitchen because I would use it to roll up dough with delicious cookie and bread recipes. Using this equipment would help me knead flour into the dough. Usually pretty inexpensive around 15 dollars.
Mummy Bread Lab: For this lab we used a variety of cooking techniques namely how to make bread and how to use dry heat to cook the dough mummy. We had to knead the bread into a soft dough then cook to a golden brown.
Pavlova: This lab we learned about how egg whites when whipped make a light cream that we cooked to make a crispy edge and soft interior. We also used various knife techniques to cut the fruit into a beautiful display atop the pavlova.
Pasta Lab: This lab we practiced our knife cuts by cutting the various vegetables before adding it to the cooked pasta. To cook the pasta we learned how long it takes to boil the noodles to a soft texture but firm enough to not fall apart.
Mango--Most mangoes sold in the USA come from Central and South America. They can only be grown in hot, humid climates so most mango producing countries are close to the equator. The first mangoes were grown in India over 5,000 years ago.
I chose this suit combination because 1. I was going to church so it is my Sunday best and 2. I was speaking in church so I tried to look professional and wise. By dressing your best it makes other people respect you more based off the first glance.
Veggie Pizza-- In this lab we practiced cutting and preparing various vegetables and arranging them for our own personal preferences. We also learned about cooking the vegetables and how they are affected and taste after cooking.
Cinnamon Roll Lab-- This lab was not part of a unit it was just a filler lab but still very delicious. We practiced rolling and cutting the dough as well as making a glaze. Cutting with a string was fun and challenging. We also learned about cooking to a golden brown and when the proper time to stop cooking the rolls.
Raspberry Crumble-- We learned and practiced a couple different skills with this lab. We cut strawberries and created a sort of jam or filling. Then the crumble was made from scratch. We mixed the two by layering and mixing the ingredients. After cooking till the crumble was sufficiently crispy. We also learned more about proper fruit cooking methods.
Formal Table setting: The salad fork then the dinner fork on the left side of the plate. On the right of the plate is the knife and spoon. To the upper left is the bread plate and to the upper right of the plate is the glass.
I have found that the best way to relieve stress is to spend some time in nature. Whether it is 20 minutes or a couple days any amount of time clears my brain and calms my fears. A hike, mountain bike trip, or climbing in the mountains, forests, and deserts is mental relaxation through physical taxation.
Angel Hair Pasta: For this lab we learned how to make pasta from scratch as we made the dough from very simple ingredients (egg, flour, oil, salt) then as the dough formed we started to run it through the pasta machine and it cut it into thin strips. After boiling we added some sauce and it was a great dish!
Whole Wheat Lemon Berry muffins: In this lab we learned a couple of techniques. I learned how to zest a lemon and the proper cooking techniques to ensure the muffin was wholly cooked inside and out. We also incorporated berries into our cooking to good effect with the warm muffin it was delicious.
Rocking Rice pudding: This was a delicious dish that I had never tried before. The cinnamon was a great addition to add to the sweetness of the pudding. With a good amount of butter, vanilla. and sugar the dish was simple to make but delicious texture and taste. We learned how to cook the rice and to measure the proper amount of ingredients for the dish.
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