La Historia de Espana by: Mr. Habbs

The History of Spain was a violent one. Full of battles, blood, death and torture. It was not for the faint of heart or the weak.

Arabs, Berbers, Syrians from North Africa invade the peninsula in 711 A.D.

Easily defeat Visigoth Kingdoms, conquering nearly all of peninsula.

Largest city in Western Europe in 10th Century

Center of world’s wealthiest and most cultured country

La Mezquita (largest mosque outside Muslim countries)

Alhambra palace in Granada

Last Moorish king, in Granada, defeated in January of 1492

Ferdinand and Isabella ended Reconquista by defeating Moors in Granada in 1492

Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castilla married in 1469

Uniting Christian kingdoms against the Moors

Solidified their power through religion; military success

When King Boabdil was defeated, he looked back onto his beloved Alhambra palace and began to cry. His mother: “Weep, my son, like a woman, for what you would not fight for like a man.”

With the last Moorish king defeated; all Muslims remaining in Spain forced to leave or convert to Christianity. By 1502 they began to force the Jews to either leave or convert as well. They did this through the inquisition.

Despite the dark side of history the Inquisition, Spain began to prosper beginning with the voyage of Columbus.

Charles V of Austria/Germany was also known as the "Holy Roman Emperor". Under his rule the Spanish Empire grew rapidly—Conquistas of Incas, Aztecs Gold, silver flooded into Spain from Americas, along with new crops: corn, potatoes, fruits

Charles's son Felipe II marries Mary Tudor of England in 1554 but she dies without giving him an heir. In 1588 Felipe tries to eradicate Protestants all over Europe, starting with England. Sends a great Armada to try and conquer England by the entire fleet was destroyed.

Felipe IV reigns over one of the richest cultural periods in Spanish history: the Siglo de Oro

First modern novel was written by Miguel de Cervantes. It is the story of man who believes he is a knight and seeks to rid the world of injustice


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