Genetic Disorder: triple x syndrome by: chris elza

Triple x syndrome Affects abought 1 in 1000 females In the U.S.A., there is 5 to 10 girls born with triple x syndrome There are no public figures known to have triple x syndrome all though there is many moddles that have triple x syndrome and this is a contributing factor to their Hight
The majority are tall with long legs, delayed development of speech and modern skills, and may also have behavior and emotion problems There are no inheritance patterns and it usually occurs in the development of the sex cells above there is how triple x syndrome occurs
It can be diagnosed after birth by chromosome study’s this is done by taking blood samples There is no cure to triple x syndrome because on the 23 pair there is an extra x chromosome There is no
a few of my sources are: genetics northern California, U.S. national library of medicine, and mayo clinic

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