Hatchet (Nereida Gonzalez)


The Exposition of the book hatchet is about a boy name Brain Robeson going on his way to the airport to go to fly in a plane to go see his father in the oil fields of Canada and on the way a pilot dies dies of an heart attack and all Brain has is a hatchet to survive in the wilderness.

Rising actions:The rising action in the story is brain must find way to survive in the wilderness and find a way to find food,water,shelter, staying safe, finding tools,and find a way to survive in the oil fields of Canada.

The climate: I think the climate in the story is when brain realized the pilot had died of a heart attack inside the plane and Brain freezes in a shock way because he didn't know how to control plane.

falling Action: brain get save after truing on the transmitter and get saved and go with his family


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