Where Was I? To My loved ones: TElemachus and Penelope

My first stop was a place called the cicones. This was not supposed to be a long stop but because my men disobeyed me we were attacked by the cicones on horseback.
Our second stop was the Lotus Eaters. These magical flowers were made to trick your minds and make you forget your home and never leave. Only a few men got tricked by it but because I am such a strong man I was able to carry them back to our ship.
The cyclops was one of the craziest things that I have ever seen! It is a giant one-eyed monster who feeds on humans! Some of my men and I got trapped inside of Polyphemus's cave and were stuck in their for two days. I saw a couple of my men get eaten by Polyphemus alive! Obviously because of my amazing leading skills and smartness I was able to lead my men out of the cave.
While at the Island of Aeolia, I was able to meet the god of the wind. He helped me by gathering all the wind and putting it in a big bag. He told me that this wind was going to help us make it back home. But it didn't because my men got curious and wanted to open the bag even though I told them not to. When they opened it a huge gust of wind was released from the bag and pushed our ship to the Laestrygonians.
We next landed on an island with gigantic cannibals. We lost of of our ships except one which was obviously the one I was on. I think it was because of my luck.
After we got away from the island with the gigantic cannibals we landed at an island by the name of Aeaea. Here I sent a couple of my men off to explore the island. My men found a beautiful witch's castle and were invited inside. While inside there they were poisoned and turned into pigs and sent to the barn. I went to find my men but while I was hiking there I was met by Hermes. He tells me about this witch and gives me a flower to eat that is immune to her poison. When I approached her castle I was invited inside and her servants gave me wine and bread. She was surprised when I didn't turn into an animal. She told me how to get home and what to do.
Circe told me to go to the land of the dead to find a guy by the name of Teiresias. He was dead so I had to travel to the land of the dead. Here I brought my best goat to sacrifice to Teiresias for an offer. He took it and told me my future. I was told that I was going to be the only man to survive this adventure.
I next passed a place called the Sirens. Circe told me to put wax into my men's ears so they couldn't hear these beautiful women's voices. These women have beautiful voices and make you forget your home just to stay at the island and listen to their voices. I had my men tie me down so I could listen to their voices but not go to the island.
Charybdis was a sea monster who made whirlpools to suck you down and eat you up. We met her but because we took the way Circe told us to go we made it out safe. She told us that if we took this way we would have to meet another monster.
Scylla was the next monster that we faced. She had six heads and tentacles to grab her food. We only lost six men, one for each of her heads. We could have lost many more but because we followed circe's path we only lost a couple of men.
We had landed on the island of Trinakia. Here I was told from Circe that I was not supposed to eat the cattle because they were owned by Helios the god of the sun. My men didn't listen to me and went on and ate one cow while I was asleep on the other side of the island. Helios's daughter, Lampetia, found out about this and ran to tell her father. Because of this my men got punished by Helios and their punishment was death. I was the only man to survive because I hadn't eaten the cattle.
After I landed on an island that looked beautiful so my men and I went out to find food. We came upon a castle with a beautiful lady sitting outside of it weaving. We approached her and she took us inside. After 7 years I was met by Zeus and he told me that I need to leave this island and find my home. It took me some time to to tell Calypso about me leaving and when I did she wasn't very happy about it. After a while she let me go and I was able to leave.
Next we came upon an island with many different people and house's so we stopped off and went for food. We met a man who took us in his house and fed us while we were eating I told him who I was. I also told him where I came from and what I was doing here. He was a very nice man and very curious about me. After we left me returned home and met everyone here and especially you guys.


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