Hug a furry mascot And cheer on our Spokane Indians this season

Hello, summer!

The Spokane Indians are back for another season of competition.

Spend a relaxed summer evening at the ballpark with a few thousand of our fellow fans.
Cheer when the ball flies over the wall. Boo at the umpire's calls. Appreciate great defensive plays.
Hear the ball collide with the bat. Chase foul balls that land nearby. Spell out the Y-M-C-A between innings.
Hey, there's Ribby the Redband Trout!
If you start to get hungry, Call for the guy selling peanuts. Eat more than you should, because calories don't count at the ballpark. Mmmm, hot dogs!
Kids can hug one of several big furry mascots! Doris the Spokanasaurus gives great hugs.
And as the evening draws to a close, enjoy the fireworks show.
If it sounds like we're fans, it's because we are. The game is beautiful and timeless. Will you join us soon?

A special thanks and acknowledgment goes to the Spokane Indians for the use of their photos in this story.

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