Mouse Brains By: Ola Guzy

This goddam cat. Always showing up out of nowhere scaring the socks off me. One second she is casually walking and the next second she disappears, and that kills me. Not only does this cat scare me all the time she also takes my things, and once she gets her claws on something you don't see it again. She runs around the house like a complete madman! One time this cat almost knocked me out; jumping out of nowhere on the stairs. This morons favorite hiding spots happen to be under my bed and my closet and that gets me. If I find her in my closet I lose it. She rolls around everywhere and leaves her fur all over my clothes. The only way to get her off is by stomping the floor and shooing her away. Oh and when she decides to hide under my bed, you don't know for a couple days and then all of a sudden sometimes even in the middle of the night she jumps onto my bed and I kid you not attacks me. To tell you the truth I think this cat has an agenda against me; maybe she senses that I dislike her. And do not get me started on her constant meowing, I try to enjoy peace and quiet and it is just impossible with her. But sometimes you just have to feel sorry for her, all she wants is some attention. Even though sometimes she is a pain in the butt she is still at least entertaining.


Created By
Aleksandra Guzy


Created with images by Chris Erwin - "Cat" • MonaSilver - "domestic cat meow white" • Peter Munks - "Cat in the bag" • Chez Eskay - ""Where are the fish?""

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