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Calling all artists featuring their work at the Sculpture Garden 2019! Take advantage of our special offer and digitally preserve your artwork forever.

As an artist who is displaying their artwork at the Sculpture Garden 2019, you have the unique opportunity to have your original artwork digitally preserved in virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Our 3D scanning service allows for real world visualisations of your sculptures for the world to view and interact with online. From private clients to councils, our services can help facilitate sales, generate revenue, and help you share your artwork with the world.

How does it work?

During the exhibition, Public Art UK will capture the photography needed to create a detailed and high-quality 3D scan of your original artwork. Following this process, we will be able to offer you a digital capture of your work, which can be embedded directly on to your own website and social media. Everything we create with you can be experienced on mobile, tablet and desktop, digitally preserving the piece for future generations to share together and enjoy.

An example of one of our 3D scans

Sir Stanley Spencer Statue by Lydia Karpinska

Click the link below to view an example of one of our 3D scans featuring the statue of Sir Stanley Spencer by Lydia Karpinska. The bronze statue was situated outside the Odney Club during the last Sculpture Garden event in the summer of 2017.

By taking advantage of our special offer, your artwork can also be captured in this unique and interactive way.

Our offer to you

  • For a discounted price of £495, we'll be able to offer you a digital 3D capture of your artwork available to view in VR and AR.
  • We will send a 3D printed marquette (sized up to 200mm x 200mm x 200mm) of your piece. Find out more about our 3D printing below.
  • We help raise awareness of your artwork by sharing the scan online and on social media so that more people can experience your art.

All of our services can be extended upon further dialogue with you. Please note: glass objects, kinetic, transparant and reflective materials be technically challenging so we will discuss all possibilities with you.

Sound good? Contact Lucy or email us at enquiries@public-art.uk or call on 07771821586 for a discussion on any project that you have in mind.

A view from above the last Sculpture Garden exhibition

Our work

Here's a selection of our 3D captures, featuring art from the 2017 edition of the Sculpture Garden. Click the links provided to interact with each piece.

Captive Pegasus by Rachel Ricketts
Shopping by Henrietta Bud
Forbidden Fruit II by Ondřej Oliva

3D Printing

Our specialist 3D printing service allows us to provide you with miniature reproductions of your art that can then be sold on to collectors from all over the world. By producing high quality maquettes, we can help you monetise your work via limited production runs.

The Water Sprites - David Backhouse

3D printing is here to revolutionise creative industries and the way we can preserve the UK’s public art and heritage monuments. We're excited to have the expertise to help you generate further income from your hard work through this innovative new service.

The Gatekeeper - Ed Elliott

Please rest assured, we take your copyright very seriously and always honour and respect your intellectual property rights, which will of course continue to remain the same at all times.

Landmine - John Buckley

The Wind in the Willows - Lydia Karpinska

From the photographic data captured to create the Wind in the Willows scans, we were able to print detailed maquettes of each character. These models can be printed in a range of colours, sizes and materials and sold on to prospective buyers online to help you monetise the original piece.

3D Scans
3D Prints


We can also create 3D printed lithophanes of images for a price of £75 at a maximum size of 200mm. Below are a couple of examples to show how photographs of artworks and paintings can look when printed in this unique way.

Geschrei (The Scream) by Edvard Munch


The Headington Shark by John Buckley

Find out more about us below and we look forward to collaborating with you.

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