The Secret Garden By jose RangeL



Ms. Lennox is no longer is in India, where she would spend her days in bed. Arriving somewhere new, her curiosity will motivate her, discovering something more what than she bargained for. "It seemed almost like being shut out of the world in some fairy place." (Hodgson,111) The book was no surprise of being dull, repelling, and unexhilarating. The authors' variety of tropes mainly, similes, display attempts of humor but not much else. There is more than likely an abundance of books that have the word "secret" in their title, which by default, give away the premises of the book, it's very generic. I knew what what I expected, nothing less, nothing more. To read this book, would be the equivalent of watching paint dry, there's better things to do. You, the reader, are better off not reading this book.

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