The Florida Museum of Natural History experienced by regine coloso

Nature on Display

There were gigantic versions of the ocean life and it made me feel like I was in a whole new world. It made me wonder if that's what these creatures feel like when we invade their environment. This exhibit made me understand that there is so much left to explore and that we have so much to learn about this world. I found this exhibition to be entertaining because of the reverse roles and the perspective of being small compared to these ocean creatures.

Nature and Ethics

Sadly, there weren't a lot of butterflies flying around the rainforest, but overall I enjoyed walking through the exhibit. It made me realize how important it is to preserve and maintain natural life. We aren't the only ones living on this land, and we should respect all life. The butterfly rainforest made me feel a closer connection to nature as I observed the butterflies and birds within the museum. I also enjoyed seeing other visitors also appreciate the beauty of the butterfly rainforest as they sat down on one of the benches or carefully observed their surroundings.

nature and the human spirit

This exhibit allows us to step out from the present and into the past. The extinct is a mystery and I question how sure we can be about how life was billion years ago. The history of the natural world is truly a wonder and it amazes me how before us these creatures dominated the world in comparison to humans. It helps us understand how we came about and before we evolved in today's world over time. This exhibit made me realize that it is important to understand our beginnings before we try to understand ourselves as human beings.


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