Christianity Vince Connolly

Origin: The founder of this religion is Jesus, Jesus was the son of god. Christianity originated from Galilee. Although it was founded in Galilee Bethlehem is the home to Jesus and he was born there so many Christians live in Bethlehem.

Major beliefs: Christians follow the bible that Jesus wrote to his disciples. Christians also there is one god and that one god is Jesus. They believe Jesus is the creator of heaven and earth and that he died for our sins. Christians worship in churches and while they are in church priests give lessons from the bible.

Sects: Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, Methodism and Protestantism.

Key holidays: Christians celebrate many holidays due to Jesus. They celebrate Christmas which is when Jesus was born. They also celebrate Easter and that is when Jesus resurrected from the dead. Then we have good Friday and that is the Friday before Easter Sunday and also that is when Jesus was crucified.


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