Sacrafices 2016 final project

Universal Theme: "You must be willing to Make sacrIFices at times, knowing that the outcome will be worth it"

"Of Mice and Men"

"No,lennie.look down there acroSs the river, like you can almost see the place...." Go on, gorge. when we gonna Do it?!! "Gonna do it soon...sure right know. I gotta.WE gotta."

What this quote shows us is that sacrafice can add stress in your life, and if you think about what could have been and how it could be if you've done something differently then you had and it could bring you down. I think that when gorge promised to aunt Clara to take care of lennie, he took on more than he could handle and one day he just snapped

"Hes my...cousin. I told his old lady i'D take care of him. He got Kicked in the head by a horse when he was a kid."

This quotes shows us how friends will make sacrifices for friends no matter what the outcome is, like what gorge did he lied to the lady saying him and lennie were cousin when they really weren't. He still took the risk of lying to the lady knowing what would happen.

"Tularecito "

"That night miss Martin called on franklin Gomez and demanded that the boy be whipped. Gomez shrugged "you really wish me to whip him miss martin?" The teachers face was scratched her mouth was bitter ." I certainly do" she said " if you had seen what he did today you wouldn't blame me . I tell you he needs a lesson." Gomez shrugged again and called tularecito from the bunkhouse. He took a heavy quirt down from the wall. Then ,while tularecito smiled blandly at miss Martin , franklin Gomez beat him severely across the back."

This quote shows how miss martin had to sacrifice beating tularecito because he had scratched her face and had destroyed other things and messed with other people.

"The chrysanthemums "

"Oh no, I wouldn't like fights" she said breathlessly "

This quote shows she got invited to a fight but kinda sighed when she said I would like a fight knowing that she would get judged because she is a women and that not what women do.

So what? Impact

Society today tries to deny the law of sacrifice at every turn, promising people that they can make their desires without having to forsake anything at all. “Lose weight without giving up your favorite foods! “Get ripped without long workouts, Get rich without having to work hard!” The denial of the law of sacrifice is at the heart of things. The fantasy that you can have whatever you’d like without ever paying for it is an incredibly amazing.But it is only a fantasy. There is always a price to pay.If you want to lose weight, you have to give up junk food. If you want to get ripped, you have to work out regularly. If you want the nice things in life, you have to work hard and save your money.Sure, sometimes fame and good fortune randomly drop into someone’s lap. For proof of this, see the cases of folks who win the lottery and then throw it all away.This is the beauty of the law of sacrifice. Not only is it the only path to achieving your goals, but the path itself prepares you to handle life at the top. Sacrificing not only gets you to your goals, but hones and shapes you as a man along the way.Why Understanding the Law of Sacrifice Is So Vital to a Man’s Happiness and SuccessA man’s ability to see through the cultural smokescreen that obscures the law of sacrifice is absolutely vital for a couple of reasons.First, the denial of the law of sacrifice keeps a man from progressing in life. To reach your goals, you must move forward, which necessitates leaving some things behind. But the man who believes he can get whatever he desires without sacrifice tries to hold onto everything in an attempt to have it all. Instead of moving forward, he is sitting on a chair doing nothing.

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