It Gives The Narrator of Old Ben Savannah Paisley


Old Ben gives joy to the narrator. The narrator was looking for a friend and when old ben turned out to be friendly he was beyond happy.
The farm gave the narrator joy. The narrator grew up on the fam and loves all the animals around.
Exploring gives the narrator joy. The narrator was out on an adventure before stumbling upon Old Ben.


When Old Ben came back in one piece from the horse pen it gave the narrator hope. The narrator then had hope in believing that Old Ben would be around for a long time.
When the narrator saw a path in the sand from Old Ban and that gave him hope. The narrator now had hope that Old Ben was indeed alive and did not die.
When Old Ben was in the hayloft all nice and cozy the narrator had hope. The narrator was hopeful that old ben would not freeze during the winter and that he would very much be alive for the spring.


When Old Ben proved his worth to the narrator's father the narrator was proud. The narrator was proud that Old Ben had gotten a mouse from the barn and had shown that he could be helpful.
When Old Ben wrapped around the narrator he was very proud of himself. He was proud because he was very brave and trusted a snake even when he was taught to hate them.
The narrator was proud that he made a new friend. Despite his father and the people who doubted having a snake he made a new friend.


When Old Ben disappeared and left a trail it gave the narrator pause. The narrator was left wondering where Old Ben was and if he was still alive.
When the narrator brought Old Ben home, how his father would react gave him pause. The narrator's father was known to dislike snakes and when he found out about Old ben the narrator did not know how he would react.
How Old Ben managed to stay alive after he was caught in the horse pen gave the narrator pause. The narrator knows that the horse Fred does not like snakes and when Old Ben came out alive the narrator wondered how he was still living.


Created with images by Nicholas_T - "Ablaze" • Hans - "grass snake snake head game" • RichardBH - "Mid-Summer Farm" • CarbonNYC [in SF!] - "Path on the Farm" • skeeze - "horse corral nature" • shirokazan - "Praa Sands" • bigbirdz - "Snow" • Alexas_Fotos - "mouse rodent cute" • PhotogragherGirl - "Snakes!" • Tobyotter - "Snake Are Just Plain Cool" • skeeze - "clydesdales corral horses"

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