Taking a cue from the classic hip hop film Beat Street the concept for Vagabond uses the innocence of the time for fun, fast paced visual. Since the energy of the record is over the top and infectious I will create a video that matches the feeling of the track. I definitely will capture the overall Caribbean vibe of the record with the eclectic cast of characters.

We open somewhere in the inner city. Drue and a few of his homies kick it in a park. One of the homies asks Drue what the plan is for the evening. Drue comments he’s been thinking of just that and has a plan. He may even say something like, “Fellas we the Vangabonds. You know how we get down.” I will of course tailor the dialogue to fit Drue and his friends but you get the picture.

We next find Drue and the crew outside of an abandoned looking house or apartment. How can this be the solution? Drue confidently steps up and goes to work. He connects an extension cord to a nearby powerline. The crew is still clueless. They follow him inside the dwelling. Rows of string lights line the ceiling. The place strangely has a homely feel. A beat later the Dee Jay along with a few females carrying liquor and party supplies shows up. Everything is in place.


The party starts to build on the back of Drue’s performance. The dance floor becomes the impromptu stage for him as he rips into his performance. The energy is incredible. I will also find a few cool moments for Drue's performance as well. The party quickly goes from Zero to 100 in the blink of an eye. At the same time Caribbean flavored dance crews begin to battle on the dance floor. This quickly escalates and becomes the perfect accompaniment to Drue’s performance.


This is where the fun starts. I would like to cast as many dancers and or crews to give us that authentic feel. Dancers rock everything from Caribbean country flags as head wraps and capes to t shirts emblazoned with their country across it. We definitely get our island vibe without being there. With rich island communites in cities all over the country special attention will be paid to casting all of the right looks.

Red cups are in nearly every hand as the party rages and seems to grow by the second. I will even drop the actual track out at times using sound design so that we can hear the energy of the crowd as they chant the chorus. As with all things parties die down and end. This one doesn’t end but merely move on. As the house empties we find Drue again at the extension cord as he unplugs it sending the house and US the audience to black.

I look forward to creating a dynamic, simple yet creative video. I'm excited about this one. Let's talk.

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