Carlsbad Caverns National Park


A man named Jim White went down into Carlsbad and explored the cave with the ladder he had made himself. When he did, he had found many rooms and have named most of the rooms and caves down there. Carlsbad Caverns is located in New Mexico. Calvin Coolidge has made the park a national one. And here is why....

The Big Room

No, I'm not making this name up, this part of the cave is actually called The Big Room. By no surprise, this is the biggest room in the whole cave! It also has many small alcoves that lead to different parts of the cave. The Big Room was formed by acid water mixed with rain water, but this has started to melt the limestone.


Now, here is Carlsbad Caverns Flowstone. Now this is a very unique stone. This certain stone forms when rain water drips down and hardens. After the water hardens, it looks like the background here.

King's Palace/ The Queen's Chamber

Ah yes, The King's Palace. This room is known to be the most beautiful room in the entire cave, along with the Queen's Chamber. It's also known for it's extreme scenic areas.

For example, a part of the King's Cahmber scenic rooms, this is called the Queens's Drapery. It's a 40ft tall drapery column. Very beautiful indeed.

Lake of the Clouds

Finally, to my favorite part of the cave, the Lake of the Clouds. This is the lowest known point of the cave. And probably one of the most beautiful. It's called the "Lake of the Clouds" because of the rock around it; which has formed by the lake water when the lake was higher.

Quick Facts on the Cave

1. the land that forms the cave, used to be part of an underwater reef called captain reef. Found because of the marine fossils in the rock

2. there's actually no rivers or streams throughout the entire cave system

3. before 1925 people who visited the parked were lowered in a big bucket. Be very thankful for the elevator that was added.

4. the steady temperature in the caves is a good 56 degrees

5. there's a underground lunchroom that mostly just sells sandwiches. Nothing more to say.

This is the underground lunchroom.

If I were to go to Carlsbad Caverns, the thing that I would most love to do is explore the Lake of the Clouds. All of the pictures that I see of it just amazes me. And of course eat something in the underground lunchroom. That would be amazing, too. What would you want to do?


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