CLOUDS Bum bum bum!

Cumulonimbus: often indicates extreme precipitation, maximum altitude can be 60,000 ft., unstable.
Noctilucent Clouds: does not produce precipitation, maximum altitude of 280,000 ft., unstable
Mushroom cloud: pyrocumulus cloud, no precipitation, maximum altitude depends on discharge of source, stable
Lenticular cloud: may produce light rain or snow, max altitude is 40,000 ft, stable
Roll clouds: usually associated with a cold front with no thunderstorm, max altitude is around 40,000 ft, unstable
Shelf clouds: usually the front of a severe thunderstorm, maximum altitude is 60,000 ft, stable
Undalatus asperatus: no precipitation, max altitude is 6,000 ft, stable
Altocumulus: no precipitation, max altitude is 20,000 ft, stable
Fallstreak hole: same as an altocumulus, however many ice crystals evaporate, leaving a clear circular area in its wake.
Mammatus clouds: severe thunderstorms, max altitude is 15,000 ft, unstable?
Wave clouds: no precipitation, max altitude is 30,000 ft, stable
Polar stratospheric clouds: no precipitation, max altitude of 25,000 ft, unstable
Pileus cloud: severe weather, max altitude is equal to its cumulus cloud it forms over, highly unstable
Cumulonimbus: rain, max altitude 65,000 ft, unstable
Cirrostratus: no precipitation, max altitude is 20,000 ft, stable

This concludes CLOUDS: bum bum bum.

Thank you.

By Evan Stanfield


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