Jeffrey Dahmer Tanner hazlett

Jeffrey Dahmer was a very strange man, in his lifetime he was convicted for seventeen counts of murder, most of those in which he raped before killing, and even in some cases eating his victims.
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born May 21, 1960 in Wisconsin. His mother Joyce worked as a teletype machine instructor , And his father Lional was a student at Marquette working on his degree in chemistry. I Jeffrey's early life he stated that there was alot of "Extreme Tension " which was caused mostly between his parents.
Jeffery has a quite unusual fascination with dead animals. He would get enjoyment from dissecting animals and playing with their insides. He carried this fascination all the way through his life the only thing different was that when he go older instead of being fascinated with animals, he turned to humans.
The night Dahmer was finally caught he was attempting to take advantage of a gay male he earlier met at a bar, after dahmer attacked the male with a broken bottle the victim managed to escape and flag down a policeman. After that they went to dahmers house and found laid out on his bed, pictures of all his victim's dead bodies.
Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted July 22 , 1991 , where he was charged with 16 counts of murder and another he in which he later admitted to. On November 28 , 1994 at the age of 34 Dahmer was murdered by another inmate in the Columbia Correctional Institution.
Before Dahmer was murdered he had an interview in 1994 in which he was asked about the starting of his rage. His response was that he always fantasized about picking up a hitchhiker, having sex with them, and killing them. One night he said he was on his way home and he saw a hitchhiker... that night his fantasy became a reality. And it went from there.


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