The Mainsail Issue 6, November 2020

From the Principal

As this bizarre year ends, I would like to draw your attention to the 2021 foundation Year 12 graduating students.

This group will be charged with immense responsibility, to help set the culture and traditions at St James’ forever.

This will come in the following forms:

  • Year 12 students will be permitted to leave the School grounds at lunchtime and eat lunch in the IGA precinct on Turnstone Boulevard.
  • The Leaver’s Hub, located immediately adjacent to the Number 1 Gate, will be an exclusive zone for Year 12 students. The Hub will contain microwaves, fridges, beanbags and covered areas.
  • The Trade Centre lounge spaces and café terrace will be open for Year 12 students at break times. These areas will be out of bounds to other year groups.
  • School Captains will be aided by the entire year group as leaders, with all students issued Senior Leaders badges. A tradition I hope to continue.
  • Year 11 and 12 students who can drive will be allocated a parking area at the northern end of the School. They will then walk along Pectoral Promenade to enter the School.

Please help support these Year 12s as they transition from students to adults. I also ask that you let me know if these groups are not meeting the standard we expect at St James'. We have a shared responsibility on guiding these young adults. The culture and tradition of our School depends on this engagement.

I sincerely look forward to the Orange Army moving into the community and representing us with pride. Maturity can only develop when responsibility is delegated, and I firmly believe that our students knows right from wrong and will set the bar high.

Mr Adrian Pree


From the Head of Junior School

Junior School Service

Earlier this year Junior School teachers set their classes the challenge to give back to the community.

The Kindergarten students worked together to bake biscuits and treats for parents in the Early Learning Centre. Their baking skills were appreciated and enjoyed.

In Pre-Primary the focus was on keeping the classroom environment tidy. Children made sure that their shoes were always neatly put away.

The Year 1 students were aware of the need to keep their bags stored on the bag racks. If a student walked past and saw a bag out of place, they stopped to tidy it.

Year 2 students were responsible for managing the ELC lost property boxes. They regularly checked the boxes and returned named items to their owners.

The Year 3s chose to provide Christmas gifts for people less fortunate than them. These will be added to the K-Mart 'Giving Tree'.

In Year 4, the students worked together to rehabilitate our school grounds by planting species that are endemic to the region and caring for them.

Our Year 5s researched and then installed reticulation in the vegetable garden, with the aim to grow fruit and vegetables for our community.

The Year 6 students went for a walk through Alkimos to pick up rubbish. They were amazed at how many bin bags they filled up!

Thank you to all of our students for taking the time to stop and think about how they can help serve and support the community around them.

Mr Dan Mornement

Head of Junior School

From the Head of Senior School


Recently, the Senior School students elected their 2021 Captains. The process was thorough, involving nominations, speeches, lobbying, voting and interviews.

From there we had our Investiture of Captains Assembly, a ceremonial handing over of student leadership.

This year was a little different. Our timeline moved forward to fall in line with Year 12 leaving dates for 2021.

For the first time, our 2021 Captains attended the Western Australian Anglican School Association Leadership Day. Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy (AO) and Reverend Peter Laurence (OAM) inspired the students with their wealth of knowledge and leadership examples.

The messages this year centered around leaving a mark and serving others. After listening to the guest speakers, students broke into small groups to work with fellow captains from 23 other schools across WA.

Mr Chris Hall

Head of Senior School

Year 4 Camp

Boshack Outback, Bolgart

On Monday 19 October the Year 4 students, staff and parent helpers departed for their big outback adventure to Boshack Outback. On arrival, flies, flies and even more flies greeted the students!

Their hot three-day camp was made thoroughly enjoyable by a variety of activities including canoeing, orienteering, shelter building, fishing, a farm tour and Dreamtime stories. Students developed their teamwork skills by working together to overcome obstacles and support each other. They challenged themselves and tried new things, including eating witchetty grubs. To their surprise, they found them rather tasty!

The evenings brought rest and relaxation as students listened to Mr Crane’s musical talents while star gazing. Students were very excited to see Santa and his reindeer in the sky! But after some investigation, we discovered it was in fact the Starlink satellite.

Some memorable moments were:

“When the girls in my cabin screamed because of two spiders.” – London Catlin

“It was very funny when we turned the tap the wrong way while washing up and it flung around wetting everyone.” – Noah Bailey

“When Mr Crane found me having a nap with the chickens.”– Junior-Andre Robertson

“When the geese tried to steal the scraps out of the compost bucket when we were cleaning the dishes.” – William Witherow

I would like to thank the St James' staff and parent helpers (Mrs Vaughn, Mr McAinsh and Mrs Heritage) for their assistance on camp. The students cannot wait to see what memories and stories the Year 5 Camp next year will bring.

Miss Tiffany Wall

Year 4 Teacher

St James' Term of Music

The term kicked off with a busy start for Music at St James’!

During Week 1 we headed down to Fredrick Irwin Anglican School for the ASC Middle School Band Day. It was a wonderful experience of sight-reading and performing new material in the one rehearsal. Our students had a wonderful time performing with over 60 other students, creating an awe-inspiring sound.

Week 2 was the long-awaited performance of Sounds of Australia. The entire Junior School performed to an audience of over 400 socially-distanced parents and friends. After months of rehearsal and a period where we didn’t even think we could host this event, it was such a memorable experience.

In Week 3 the Senior School Rock Band joined with four other ASC schools to perform a rock concert. Our students took the stage by storm and strutted their stuff! We also had the opportunity to support our fellow schools, Swan Valley Anglican Community School, Peter Moyes Anglican Community School and St George's Anglican Grammar School.

Mrs Tracey Cooke

Head of Music

Sounds Of Australia

On Thursday 22 October, Pre-Primary to Year 6 classes took inspiration from our local backyard to perform Sounds of Australia.

The Sounds of Australia series is an inclusive production for all students and gives them an opportunity to perform for an audience in a formal, staged setting. Each year level prepared a song during their Classroom Music lessons, rehearsed since Term 1.

The song choices reflected a range of languages, cultures, history and positivity.

  • Pre-Primary – Djinda Djinda Kanangoor (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) sung in both Noongar and English
  • Year 1 – Click Goes the Shears
  • Year 2 – Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees, with Auslan
  • Year 3 – I Am Australian
  • Year 4 – Land Down Under
  • Year 5 – Absolutely Everybody
  • Year 6 – Affirmation, with verses rewritten by the cohort
  • ELC – Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gumtree, sung in Japanese
  • Junior School – Thunderstruck, sung in Japanese

Congratulations to all students for their performance on the night. There was excitement and a great sense of school spirit. A video of the performance will be sent to families in Week 5.

Thank you to our teachers for their patience throughout a year of rehearsals and to family members for helping their children with costumes and practice.

Miss Christina Claire

Music Teacher

Examination Week

The Year 8-11 Examination weeks are occurring in Weeks 6 and 7 this term. For Year 11 ATAR students, these results contribute toward their final course grades. The skills and experiences they have developed since Year 7 are contributing factors to the resilience, preparation and focus all students demonstrate in the lead up to their exams. The Year 11s will be sharing their knowledge and skills with other year groups early next year.

For the Year 8-10 students, the exams not only assess knowledge and understanding but also develop a variety of skills. Exams develop resilience, time management, organisation and study skills to allow students to excel in Years 11 and 12.

“Doing exams in Year 8-10 is necessary preparation for the structure and endurance required to sit exams in Year 11.” 2021 School Captain Vin Coetzee

We wish students all the best during their exams. The timetables are displayed around the School and will be sent electronically to students. To ensure everyone can be as prepared as possible, teachers will be going through exam structures and expectations. We encourage students to use this time to refine study habits and set goals.

When the week is over, revel in the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of facing a challenge and overcoming it.

Mrs Laura Briggs

Deputy of Senior School

Christmas is coming to the Trade Centre

Christmas is less than two months away and our food preparation has already begun. Staff and students are enjoying the new Trade Centre facilities and Year 8 students have been able to get in the festive spirit early with the production of their Star Shortbread Christmas trees.

We baked and froze the biscuits in one lesson, before students got creative and decorated the trees the following week. Finally, they were packaged enjoyed with family and friends. As you can see from the pictures, the students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be creative with their decorations.

The Year 7 class has been excited to be the next Master Chef by creating a healthy and fun lunch. Presentation, their snack, their choice of drink and their healthy lunch were all components of the assessment. I was most impressed with the high standard of food presented.

Mrs Wakefield’s Year 10s created Gingerbread Houses in Week 3. They were under time restrictions due to Year 10 Outdoor Ed Camp in Week 4. To their credit, they tried their very best and achieved success.

Mrs Angela Robertson

Head of Food Technology

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 Students finished Term 3 with Work Experience placement. The real-world experience was a valuable and worthwhile opportunity that allowed students to experience four days in the workforce.

Developing strong connections with employers gives students a valuable learning experience, to develop the transferable skills and gain the confidence needed to be work-ready.

Students attended placement with different goals. Some selected workplaces to learn more about their dream job, while others used the opportunity to look for part-time employment (and were successful!).

If you would like to find out more about this program, please email me on epearce@stjames.wa.edu.au.

Mrs Ella Pearce

Careers Advisor

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

This term we have enrolled over 50 students to start the Bronze level of The Duke of Edinburgh Award. This is in addition to the 25 students that started the Award last year.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a leading and highly recognised youth development program. Each young person who takes part in the Award learns a skill, improves their physical wellbeing, volunteers in their community and undertakes an Adventurous Journey within a team.

For more information please see the information brochure below or speak to Mrs Syme or Miss Meulenkamp.

Northern Bright Stars Academic Competition

Last week, nine students from Years 5 and 6 participated in the Northern Bright Stars Academic Competition at Northshore Christian Grammar School. They worked in groups of three on a range of challenges including:

  • A selection of quizzes. The Geography ones were hard!
  • Mathematical word problems.
  • Sculpture constructions.
  • Puppet shows on the topics of sustainability, internet safety and confidence.

Attitude is the most important aspect when participating in this competition. Students need to think creatively. With good teamwork and a want to succeed, this can be achieved.

I am pleased to say the students flourished in this year’s competition. Congratulations to Easwaran Rajalingam, Claire Brown, Zane Cheetham, Tyson Bennett, Aiden Russ, Kaitlyn Mortimore, Joseph Todd, Caitlyn Bright and Koby Eccelton. Not only did they show confidence but they displayed strong communication skills, a sense of and superb drama skills. The students did exceptionally well with the puppet shows, which had everyone in stitches!

There are many academic competitions at St James’. This week we had the Interschool Numero Competition and in Week 6 we have the Academic All Stars Competition. Earlier in the year, a group of students participated in the Tournament of the Minds competition. Their efforts will be recognised at today’s assembly.

Next year the Northern Bright Stars Competition will be held at St James’, where it originated in 2017.

Mr Nicholas Townsend

Deputy Head of Junior School

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