DOTD Innovations Showcase to Highlight Smart Solutions Across the State New employee innovation competition will recognize top inventive maintenance approaches and improvements

Featured in Technology Today (Volume 31, Issue 4), a quarterly publication of Louisiana Transportation Research Center

DOTD’s Office of Operations has launched a new, competitive approach to problem-solving and is moving Louisiana another step closer to greater safety and cost-savings. The first annual DOTD Innovations Showcase is currently underway and accepting submissions until October 1, 2017. Organizers of the event hope to identify and promote innovative practices and technologies throughout the Department by allowing maintenance and technology professionals to demonstrate how they are making their work safer and simpler as well as saving time or money.

The showcase is open to all full-time DOTD employees within the Office of Operations. All innovations must either be in use within the Department and resulting in the desired results, or if concept only, it must be demonstrable (such as by use of a prototype). There is no limit on the number of innovations that can be submitted by any district or work gang.

“We are very interested to see just how many applicants there are and what type of innovations are brought forth. The hope is that there are already things being done in the field by individuals that are innovative, that can be identified and brought forth,” said Maintenance Management Administrator Kevin Reed. “The long-term goal is for the idea of innovation to become more a part of the culture, such that innovation isn’t done simply for a competition but rather because we want to find ways to make the job safer, simpler, and more efficient.”

Innovations can be submitted in the areas of tools and equipment, productivity, and projects. The Innovations Showcase Committee will evaluate the submissions on the following criteria:

OriginalityHow new is it to DOTD?

DurationHow long has it been in practice with desired results?

TransferabilityHow likely is it to be used in other areas?

Organizational ImpactHow will it positively impact DOTD with tangible results?

Conservation of ResourcesHow much money will it save?

Cost to ImplementWhat is the total cost of the innovation?

Meets Intended GoalHow well does it perform against the intended goal?

Impact on SafetyWhat is the impact on safety to employees, contractors, or the traveling public?

The top three evaluated innovations will receive a budget transfer ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to their respective district/gang from the HQ maintenance division. Winners at the district/regional level will advance to a statewide showcase, which will be held during the Louisiana Transportation Conference, February 25-28, 2018.

To learn more about the event, please contact Kevin Reed at 225-379-1916 or Kevin.Reed@la.gov.

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