Gel Electrophoresis Lab Justin, Carter, Kyle, Ryan, Zach, Jacob


1. We followed our instructor's directions for determining how much agarose solution to make for one gel. We put in .7 grams into 50 ml of buffer.

2. We then used a melting plate to melt the agarose until completely clear.

3. Once completely clear, we remove the flask containing the mixture and let cool to the point where we could just barely touch it

4. We then pour the agarose mixture into the gel-casting tray and let it solidify for 15-20 minutes

5. Once the agarose mixture solidifies, put the mixture into the gel electrophoresis chamber and put DNA in each of the wells. We then cover the gel in buffer

6. From right to left, the DNA put in the wells are ordered as follows: wild type DNA, yellow DNA, green DNA, clear (No DNA), and brown DNA

7. We put the lid on the chamber and plug the two ends of the wires into a power supply, setting the volts to 80 and turning the supply on

8. After 20 minutes we unplug the chamber from the power supply and remove the mixture containing the DNA and place it in a tray

9. We observe the results and prepare to dye the gel with blue stain

10. We let sit over night. Once dry, we removed the gel from the dye and placed it in a plastic bad. We then observed the results.

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