GAP's New Updated Logo Henry Allwood

  • For this project I started off creating an editable replica of the original GAP logo so that I could make slight changes and edits.
  • Using a website named 'Survey Monkey' I decided to create a survey to ask some basic questions and get the peoples feedback. Here are some of the generic responses I got.
  • I then continued with the editable replica creating different variations but sticking to this blue based colour PALETTE.
  • I decided to play around with a green colour palette as I wanted to see what it would look like without the original darker blue that is used.
  • As a large stretch I wanted to change the type font of GAP’s logo, as I searched up different font types I decided I wanted to stick with the more industrial, smart corporate type of font. I found two different fonts to the original and put them under eachother on an illustrator file. One by one I asked each student around the room to come round and pick the one they think would look best on a new GAP logo. I left the original font as an option as well just in case more people did choose it as a preference and as you can tell from the image it got the least votes. The chosen font is called Goldoni, the runner up is called Bodoni XT.
  • I then continued to play around with shaping the original logo, seeing what combinations I could come up with also using the new font that was chosen. By doing this I eventually decided upon my final choice.
I started off with a basic square using the same preset colour as the original
using the direct selection tool I was able to grab all corners and pull them in to create a perfect circle.
Importing the new chosen font I placed it over the circle and centred it.
I then decided to remove the other two letters (being A & P) so I was just left with the G which I went on to enlarge and centre.
As black didn't stand out well over the navy background I decided to add a gradient to it using the colours blue and white. This gave it a more appealing and smooth look.
using a technique I found on youtube, I was able to create a shadowed sector of the circle using the pen tool and changing the colour to something darker.
  • Eventually it came down to two choices, whether I should keep the gradient on the letter G or whether I should keep it white. I selected five people to choose between the two and the outcome was 2:3, the gradient G being the more preferred choice.
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Henry Allwood


me, me and again, me

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