In today's world there are people who don't understand the love of their loved ones specially love from those who are from a different generation.

In our Culture the kids or the younger generation must connect to the elderly and to learn from their past experience. The younger generation must learn to respect and appreciate the love they get from the elderly.
In my life I got to learn a lot from my grandmother whom I also call Bobo sometimes. She is one of the role models that I look up to. She has taught me how to fight through many milestones in my life so far.

Despite her being old, it's amazing how easily she connects to the younger generation. Maybe it is her amazing sense of adaptability.

When my Bobo goes awwww 🖤
The twinkle in her eye, the calmness in her tone, the smile on her face, she is my Grandma, she is my hero and she is my life.

As someone once said, " A grandma makes time, keeps faith, shares wisdom, shows patience, gives joy, and lives LOVE"

Her photo lits up the phone screen, she lights up my life !
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Kuljit Real

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