These are pictures that I took of the beauitiful flowers on campus of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They were located in front of Marquettes St. Joan of Arc Chapel which i has been around since 1420.

My name is Julia Hackeloer and this summer I decided to attend Kettle Moraine Press Association Program Summer Journalism Camp at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This school year of 2018/19 I will be a sophmore at Antioch Community High School. This year will be my first year on ACHS’ school magazine, the Tom Tom. At KEMPA I am taking a Digital and Photo journalism with Don Goble who attended Bradly University and Font Bonne University. At KEMPA summer journalism workshop I have learned tips about taking pictures, filming videos, and learning how to make a website on Spark Page on my Iphone. As a Freshman I was on the ACHS Varsity Dance Team and we won 4th place at state. For journalism my freshman year I was in the intro to journalism class called J1 taught by Patrick Johnson. This photo is a project that we worked on to show us how to work with taking pictures and placing text. I loved every second of KEMPA camp so far and I have learned so much.

This is my video that I created in my Digital and Photo journalism class with Don Goble. We learned how to put together a journalistic video with iMovie about a specific event.

Check out my timeline!

Above is a story map of the Marquette Campus that I created using pictures that I took along with information about all of the buildings and famous monuments.

Church of the Gesu

Photos from around Marquette University

Click on the button above to take a look at three things I learned from attending KEMPA Summer Journalism Workshop!

Enjoy my experience at KEMPA Summer Journalism Workshop!

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