Racism Jimmy Aguirre

1.My topic is Racism. People are being racism and they are hurting others.People tell me i am not a Mexican even i know that because i am a Hispanic. they are being judge by their color.

It affected 50 years ago because people had no rights. They had no right and only had to do what the sign says.People are still being racism to blacks and whites.

They might think all those years why be rude raises when all it does is hurt others.The people who didn't have any right might have more rights in the future.They might also think let's make new rules and respect everyone.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a person want to stop racism and John F. Kennedy supported black people too. M.L.K.J was a black citizen and wanted separation to stop wanted equal rights.J.F.K. was a supporter of black people.J.F.K ''Ask not what your country can do for you;ask what can you do for your country.''M.L.K''The time is always right to do what is right.''

What I can do is tell the world, "Being racist is the same as being a bully and you call everyone what there skin is but people don't have to be mad because you should be proud of who you are and show who you are to the real world." Jimmy Miguel Aguirre


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