The day he proposed By Kaitlynn w.

A love letter, a diamond necklace, and a ring were given to Mika.

She had two reactions when given the objects: first, surprise; and second, joy.

The love letter was a very emotional, powerful note and moved Mika to tears

Still, the diamond necklace was even more powerful.

Over the bench next to the desk, Mika was forced to sit down because of her emotions.

Shaking excitedly, she told him she loved him.

Mika, after hearing a ringing phone, talked avidly with her mother

"Yes, mom, I am going to say yes."

Going up to Yuri, her boyfriend, she told him that she would marry him.

Then Yuri said, “You will?”

Yuri seemed so excited, or maybe he was a little surprised.

Yuri, who was usually very calm, started shouting “Yes!”.

On February 3, 2017, they were to get married by a beach.

The beach was in Kauai, Hawaii.

Dear Mika, I love you; was the first thing he said to her at the wedding.

Inside a tiny box, beautiful wedding bands rested, waiting to be put to use.


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