The Roman Empire Autumn Walchak

Julius Caesar

For the two years that Julius Caesar reigned, 46 BC to 44 BC, he changed the course of Roman history. Caesar was a consul and while in foreign countries he conquered and solved all of Rome’s problems which led his to the beginning of his reign. He defeated even more enemies until he returned home after a year of battles. With no son for his own he declared his great nephew, Augustus, his son to carry out his reign. The ides of march brought Julius’ reign to an end earlier than expected when Julius was assasinated on March 15, 44 BC.

  • When Rome didn't know he to handle how much power and land it had Julius Caesar knew how to fix everything.
  • He fought and defeated numerous neighboring enemies and made Rome a country to be feared.

Augustus was the adopted son of Julius Caesar and had a lot to live up to. He reigned from 31 BC to 14 AD and was surprising one of Rome’s greatest leaders even though he had a rough life at home. After his father's death Augustus was now Rome's leader at only age 19, and was defeating all of Rome's enemies to keep his role as leader in the cruel world of Roman politics. During his reign he achieved more than expected, he expanded the Roman Empire, adding Egypt, Central Europe and northern Spain. Augustus was considered a god and luckily he died peacefully and achieved greatness. Little did Augustus know that some of his decisions had led Rome in terror with insanity and assassinations.

  • Augustus carried out his father's legend more successfully than expected considering his family situation.
  • Although Augustus expanded Rome he also started assassination, terror, and insanity for Rome to deal with after his death.

Claudius grew up a disgrace to his family and was nothing but an outcast, and many question how a family fool became Rome’s emperor. Well, he was the uncle of Caligula, and once he was murdered, he saw an opportunity and took it with no hesitation. He ruled from 10 BC to 54 AD and did fairly well because he improved Rome's judicial system by passing new laws, such as protecting sick slaves, giving women rights, and extending citizenship. His good can only go so far, because when it came to picking a wife he had the worst luck. His many wives were involved in other affairs, were relatives, but worst of all, used him to get her son as emperor. All agrippina wanted was for her son, Nero, to rule and she got what she wanted after she had gotten his doctor to put a feather dipped in poison in Claudius’s throat which caused his immediate death.

  • Claudius fixed Rome's judicial system, which the others emperors couldn't do.
  • His only flaw was that he picked the wrong wives which led to his brutal death.

Nero took the role of Rome's Emperor after his father had been killed by Nero’s mother. He reigned from 54 BC to 68 BC and had a rough start along with a rough end. As emperor he managed to reduce taxes, help slaves, and reduce capital punishment. He had many bad qualities too, he had a thing called a dark side, where he would murder people at random, and he killed own mother. He also made married women and young boys get in bed together. Nero was declared a public enemy, so he fled Rome with a few remaining slaves and he killed himself. He had no one to take his place rival generals along with their troops were nearing Rome and soon there would be civil war.

  • Nero and his suicide is the reason that chaos broke out in Rome and it was up for grabs.
  • He gave slaves a chance, reduced taxes, and reduced capital punishment.

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