Isaac Newton Giant of science


Isaac Newton was born on Christmas 1645, during a time of great catastrophe and plague in England. Since Isaac lived a very solitary life, he dreamed of going to school, but his parents could not afford it. During the long days he lived on the farm, instead of working, he would record ideas in a journal. He called this journal "mess book", and all the things he saw went into this thousand page book. Paper was a very expensive, so he treasured and loved this possession very much. His mother threatened to burn this journal because, instead of doing farm work as he was supposed to, he would record his ideas and disobey his family's directions. As his childhood progressed, he was invited to attend school for the very first time in his life. After a month of schooling, he was ahead of the class but, his mother could not afford his education so he dropped out.

Isaac as a child

Adult life

When Issac was nineteen he was accepted to study at Cambridge. When he got to Cambridge he knew his parents could not pay for him to go to school. He took up the job of being a bus boy, so he could pay for his entrance. Once Isaac started, he was very slow and falling behind in the classes because he had never been to a college or university before. After a year of struggle, he started to pick up, and in a few months he was at the head of the class. Isaac had persevered, had beaten all of the others, and earned a prize for outstanding student.Isaac was motivated to do another four years of study so that he could prove his mother wrong and that he could be something more than a farm worker. Isaac had grown especially fond of his professor and would stay for many hours after class. He would listen and marvel at his idol, until one day his professor stepped down and made Isaac the official Lucasian Professor of Mathematics and his career as a physicist began. The very next day he gave his first lectured, but not many people attended or enjoyed it. He did not make a good first lecture but, he did learn to make his own lectures. He did not follow the book that the Anglican church approved, making his teachings heretical.


Isaac had three very important achievements that affected the modern science world. He published these in his book called Opticks. He created all of his work by observing the environment and making conclusions through theoretical studies of nature. He spent much of his time studying and advancing modern science, influencing things that are used in the modern world. His view of things was very different from what most thought and helped others have a better understanding of the physical world. This gave people a more open way of thinking. However, the way most people saw it, they thought he was crazy and should be arrested for thinking that things don't happen because of God, but rather happen for a scientific reason. The way he thought was something the Royal Society had never heard before, and his writings influenced things in the future.

His most famous book


I recommend this book to people that want to learn about the creator of modern science and influential descriptions of things people didn't know about modern science before he came along and discovered them. He redefined thinking scientifically as hypothesis and theory. These two became the new standards for science.

Bio Poem


Creative,diligent, determined, and dedicated

A man of no family but only study

Who loved proving people wrong, and finding things no one else could

Who felt neglect and an anger for education from his mother making it hard to become who he was

Who discovered how light works and changed the thought of thinking about things in a narrow mindset

Who wanted to see a love of science to grow in his community and make things more relavent

Born in Whales and lived in Cambridge university



"Krull, Kathleen. Isaac Newton. Livonia, MI, Transcribed by Seedlings Braille Books for Children, 2010."

I only used one source and the pictures were labeled "reuse with modification".

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Isaac Newton was an incredible scientist and he will always be the most important scientist in history. The discoveries he made changed the world in both positive and negative ways.


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