The Rise of Dictatorship By: Maddie Atherton

Hello, students I'm here today to inform you about past dictators we have seen within history. The point of dictatorship is to have absolute power over a nation, Throughout history we have seen the rise of dictatorship. This occurs when the people "feel" they need a change in their government to make it safer. This type of government can be both good and bad. But we have seen many bad cases of dictatorship, like Stalin, and Hitler.

  • One leader
  • Absence of individual liberty
  • National Glorification
  • War
  • Controlled every aspect of human personality

Stalin- took control over Russia after the death of Lenin. (Communist) He was a cruel leader over the soviet union from the mid 1920's until his death. This soviet union changed from being a peasant society to a more industrial and military powered society. He ruled by terror and many of his people dies while he reigned. Due to his enforcement of industrialization of the soviet union, it caused the worst man made famine in history. He was estimated to have killed 20 million of his people while doing so.

Hitler- He, like many other dictators, was abused as a child. This can leave a big imprint on the way the person grows up and who they turn out to be. For Stalin and Hitler it was part of the negative impact on them. War was different for Hitler, it was the one place he felt he truly belonged, the one place that made him happy. After WW1 Hitler began coming up with these ideas of him being in control over all people of Germany. He was elected and from them on, all went down. Hitler wanted to rid Germany of all Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals. Which ,sadly, he was able to do this and by doing so he killed thousands of people. He and Stalin signed an agreement which made them “allies”, but little did Stalin know, Hitler would turn on him. After this turn of events Hitler and Stalin went to war with each other which ended up killing lots of people and both Hitler and Stalin end up dying, Hitler kills himself while Stalin dies of

Now class I hope this has informed you about past dictators. Although it may not affect you personally, it has affected many others greatly. A good dictatorship can be good while a bad dictatorship can be awful.

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