Alaska the FRONTIER of wild

Alaska is a located in the US and is a very isolated and has millions of hectares in space of vast cold climate, fit for someone to leave society and become completely 'lonely' without any contact of any other human life.

Attu island - a small island on the edge of the earth, it is the furthest island from Alaska's main land. Shown here is the more remote part of attu island where there is no housing.

Attu island, the extremely small island that isn't inhabited by another but small organisms living of the island and with not many people visiting this island it is a very lonely island. From its peak you can nearly see the whole island. The island is located on almost the edge of the earth and you can only see on a map on the extreme far left. They call this island the forgotten island as not many people know about it.

Attu island is very remote and finding any sort of place to stay is extremely hard. This is not a place to live as getting in food as even trying to get onto the island is hard. This is area is surrounded by the very few mountains on attu island. The climate is extremely cold and is perfect for an explorer looking for an extreme adventure.

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