utah sibols by parker

The calaforna segal became the sate bird in 1955.The calforna bird is a gull hover utah list the seagle. The sate bid the gull is the Utah code.It was ashel it in 1988.It eats crisits , and dstrouis crops on farms in 1848.

The sugar beet is one of the stat veges

Do they look beitieful to you.

They have a brother witch is the spianish sweet oinin.

The plant is born on a farm like other plants

The plant is a lot in numbers

It has laves like trees

They do change cooler in fall

They are good plants.

the sugar beet was pick at the state vestble in 2002. It was sportied as the asin kids school in salt lake city. It was diclaed the stat vestibale just like the spanish uoin.

Star dubhe

it is right their.

I looks like this in space.

It wont last forever.

The star is apart of the big dipper in the sky. It was dickered in 1996 it was are state star.


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