Kangaroos By JoshHenhawk

What animal is as tall as a person, hops a lot, and lives in Australia? If you guested the kangaroo you are right. We will be learning about their amazing habitat, their balanced diet and interesting behavior.


Kangaroos are herbivores and they eat many different things. For example, they snack on many foods such as grass, leaves, moss, flowers, ferns and occasionally insects. Also, Kangaroos regurgitate there food and then eat it again to fully digest there food.

Kangaroos eating


Kangaroos live only in Australia. Different Kangaroos live in different parts of Australia. Such as, Tasmin and surrounding areas and rain forest, savannas, woodlands and plains. For example, the musky rat kangaroo lives in the rain forest floor. They came to Australia fifty million years ago. Kangaroos live in many different parts of Australia.

Were kangaroos roam around


Kangaroos behave in many different ways. Kangaroos always stay together and stay clean. They also always protect each other. For example, when kangaroos are chased they lead there pray to a river and drown it. Kangaroos are smart and well behaved creatures.

Kangaroos fighting

Kangaroos are very interesting and unique. They have a special diet, interesting behavior and different habitats. In conclusion, kangaroos are amazing and intelligent creatures.


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