Commencement 2021 Prince William Sound College

Congratulations, graduates!


Ana Hinkle, Director of Student and Academic Affairs

"I want to welcome graduates, parents, family members, staff, faculty, students, and community members to the Prince William Sound College 2021 graduate recognition webpage. While we are not able to celebrate our graduates’ crowning achievements in person for a second year in a row due to the pandemic, it is important we recognize their hard work and dedication. I encourage you to take a few moments to scroll through this webpage to learn more about our 2021 graduates, listen to messages of encouragement and congratulations from staff and faculty, and see the incredible things our students have done throughout the year." Thank you for visiting and congratulations, Class of 2021!"

Dr. J. Daniel O'Connor

A message from the director of Prince William Sound College:

"This certainly has been a very challenging and very interesting year for all of you, so congratulations to all of you, and for all of the work that you had to put in to make this happen."

Academic Achievement Awards

Certified Nurse Aides

Students who completed the Certified Nurse Aide course in partnership with the Providence Valdez Medical Center:

  • Melina Caletz
  • Ann Grein
  • Hannah Metroka
  • Ashley James
  • Andrew Jonda
  • Caleb MacPherson
  • Cherubim Palomar
  • Jessica Watson
We thank you for entering the world of healthcare and are excited for the people's lives you will touch. - Providence Valdez Medical Center

Adult Education

A message from Dr. Teresa Barton, Regional Director of Adult Education

Certificates and Degrees

Dr. Steve Johnson presents the candidates

Associate of Arts

Candidates receiving an Associate of Arts

  • Darla Cook
  • Jillian Fleming
  • Shannon Groundwater
  • Aidan Hinkle*
  • Taylor Huston
  • Rylie King ***
  • Cheribum Palomar
  • Seinna Schaeffer ***

HONORS: *CUM LAUDE (3.5 - 3.79) **MAGNA CUM LAUDE (3.8-3.99) ***SUMMA CUM LAUDE (4.0)

Top: Rylie King and Cherubim Palomar; Bottom-left: Seinna Schaeffer; Bottom-right: Jillian Fleming

"It's great to be graduating and know that I accomplished something that I can be proud of."

- Rylie King, graduating class of 2021

Outdoor Leadership, Associate of Applied Science

Candidates receiving an Associate of Applied Science in Outdoor Leadership

  • Daniel Barbero
  • Kallen Fitzpatrick *
  • Rodrigo Flores *
  • Joseph Kay ***
  • Matthew Schiffner **
  • Zechariah Wenzinger **

HONORS: *CUM LAUDE (3.5 - 3.74) **MAGNA CUM LAUDE (3.75-3.99) ***SUMMA CUM LAUDE (4.0)

Photos of the outdoor leadership graduates

"Anyone that loves the outdoors and is considering an education in this field, I think Prince William Sound College is a great choice. They will help make your dreams come true and provide you with opportunities that will make you a better leader and a better person."

- Matthew Schiffner, graduating class of 2021

Millwright Occupational Endorsement Certificate

Candidates receiving a Millwright Occupational Endorsement Certificate

  • Logan Anderson
  • Jamie Berg
  • Megan Chase
  • Dustin Cook
  • Isaac Deaton
  • Hayden Howard
  • Jared Humphrey
  • Wyatt Mehlberg
Top: Jared Humphrey; Top-right: Hayden Howard; Bottom-left: Jamie Berg; Bottom-right: Wyatt Mehlberg

A message to students graduating from the millwright program:

University of Alaska Regent Chair Sheri Buretta

conferring of degrees

Faculty message to the graduating class of 2021: "Advice from the Northern Lights"

PWSC Alumni Recognition

Alumni Recognition

Morgan Mitchell

Morgan Mitchell graduated this spring from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a Master of Online Innovation and Design degree. Morgan began her journey with higher education at Prince William Sound College where she earned an Associate of Arts in 2016. Afterward, she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Morgan's next education and career goals include completing a doctorate in instructional design or educational technology and one day teaching at a college level.

Morgan shared, “Prince William Sound helped me tremendously on my journey. It helped me to become comfortable in a college setting and recognize how to obtain my goals for the future. There was a required guidance class and through that I learned how to set goals, see my strengths, and apply that to my education and career. PWSC is unique in the close-knit atmosphere they create for students. When I attended from 2014-2016, there were so many opportunities to hang out with fellow students such as movie nights in the lounge or a trip to the waterfalls. I also felt comfortable staying after class to talk with professors to get extra help. The rest of my education was completely online, so I often miss those times where I felt part of a community like PWSC provided.”

Congratulations, Morgan! PWSC is proud to have been a part of your educational journey and is excited to see all that you have accomplished.

Morgan graduating from PWSC in 2016
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021!

UAA Interim Chancellor Bruce Shultz addresses the graduates

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