The Three Agriculture Revolution Domestication of Plants and Animals

The First Agriculture was the domestication of plants and animals. It occurred roughly 11,000 years ago. This is when humans started hunting animals and planting crops. They started settling into the land for farming. The people were changing their lifestyles and moving into their own land area. The first crop was planted in the MidWest.

Wheat was one of the first crops grown by humans.

The 2nd Agriculture was about farmers using technology to grow more crops and machinery. ¨The two revolutions occurred from 1700 to 1900 in developed countries. The Industrial Revolution was going on at the same time and the farmers used technology and allowing them to doubling the size of the plowing fields. It changed the people by allowing the population to increase by local and global scale. In more less developed country, they are still in the 2nd revolution.

Farming changed by farmers using plows now.

The 3rd Agriculture (Green Revolution) happened in the 20th century and this time period to help farmers with agriculture methods, to stop world hunger. The 3 revolution included biotechnology and genetic engineering. During this revolution they fixed chemical fertilizers and there was a mass production of agricultural goods.

The GMOs /genetically modified organisms that is a plant or animal that has been touched by transgenic technology. This is a threat to farmers with huge companies, because GMOs have the power to sue the farmers if they have any sort of GMOs

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