Animal Testing

Imagine not being in control of your life; being poked and prodded all the time without your permission. Imagine living your life as a prisoner in absolute misery. Well animals being tested on and living in laboratories have to deal with this problem everyday for a majority of their life. Millions of animals are being burned, shocked, starved, poisoned, and even killed due to companies and laboratories deciding to test cosmetics and drugs on them. Companies and laboratories that test on animals are treating them unfairly, and should find new ways to test their products because animals suffer when being tested on, a majority of the animals die, and not all results from the animal testing is accurate.

"Mice and rats are forced to inhale toxic fumes, pesticides are force fed to dogs, and dripping corrosive chemicals into rabbits sensitive eyes."- PETA. "Kittens are purposely blinded, rats are made to suffer seizures, and primates’ skulls are cut open and electrodes are implanted in them."- PETA

More than 100,000,000 animals in the United States die in chemical, drug, and cosmetic testing.

Not all results taken from animal testing is accurate. In January 1990 there was 25 different treatments that worked on rodents, but none worked on a single human patient. This could have cost the lives of people who used this treatment or harmed them in any way.

Regardless of these arguments the issue of animal testing still continues around the world. Millions of animals that are being tested on are being treated unfairly, so the next time you buy any cosmetic or medicine try to think of what some animals went through to make sure that item was safe for you.

"This is Animal Research” by PETA

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