bacterial meningitis kaitlyn dobrow

Kaitlyn was a regular teenage girl, she was active and played many sports throughout high school. She was healthy and young with much energy to spare.

After High school kaitlyn began using drugs and treating her body poorly, she was working a full time job, going to school and partying with the wrong people.

At the age of 20 kaitlyn felt sick one day, she explained it as if she had the flu; this increased over time and within 48 hours she couldn't get out of her bed. She was covered in purple bruises and had no energy to move.

The ambulance was called and she was rushed to the hospital. within hours she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

They first had to amputate her arms.

And next was her legs...

Over 6 months she lost 57% of her skin and had over 200 surgeries regraphing her skin and piecing her back together for healing.

Kaitlyn survived and still enjoys a beautiful life, she enjoys doing makeup and sharing her story with others and helping people with bacterial meningitis survive through the trauma and devastation it brings.

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