Chasing Cheetahs Written by Sy Montgomery and presented by Renee Nikolova

In this book, two people go in Namibia, where they join the CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund) to study and help save cheetahs.

Namibia on the world map

There, they meet Laurie Marker, with whom they checked on cheetahs in the wild that were once in the CCF and went game counting. At the end of their adventures they visited a school .

The cheetahs are being fed

Lauire (on the right) and her staff are checking up on Blondi (the cheetah).

Luarie's visit to the school.


In the CCF, the staff goes game counting every month to keep track of food for cheetahs and make sure that the ecosystem is healthy. They have a big checklist of animals such as predators like jackals, cheetahs; birds like kori bustards, red-chested korhaan; and antelopes such as oryx, steenbok, and kudu.

Some of the animals that were seen during the game count.

Saving the Farms

Sometimes, the wild cheetahs attack the farm, because they don't have anything else to eat. Because of this farmers shoot cheetahs when the animals get near the livestock. Laurie knew that this was a big problem for the cheetahs, because lots of them died, so she started talking to farmers. The puppies she offered are raised around sheep and/or goats and taught how to guard them.

The dog's bark and size can scare off the cheetah.

This was a good solution and now most farmers use Kangal dogs instead of a weapon against the cheetahs.

A Little More About Kangal Dogs

Kangal dogs originated from Turkey and were used for livestock guardians. They were exported to Africa to save the livestock from predators. Kangal dogs are really powerful, but calm and protective. They are especially friendly to kids.

"Around the fire that night, Laurie said, 'Be the change you want to create.' "

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