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I prefer to be called Annie. 18. Major in Advertising. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Lived in Tokyo, Japan from the age of twelve to sixteen. Somehow wished I was more skilled in designing so I hope to acquire those skills whilst I'm here. Still trying to figure out my future :-)

Assignment 1: E - Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Skittle Crush

The meaning of the word "PLAY" is to engage in an activity for enjoyment rather than a serious purpose. So we took its literal meaning and applied it to the digital world, specifically mobile games. We decided to take on the highly-rated candy crush and swapped their animated jewel candies to classic candy shell skittles. In order to execute our concept, we had to convert everything that is digitalised in the app into something that is considered physical such as skittles. This is done in the video below through a suitable technique called stop-motion animation.

Group photo :-)

Exercise 2 : Viral Content

"Just a Few Drinks" , A Starter Kit to Health Damage

Art by Adam Lupton - 1; 20 More One Mores

Exercise 3: Infographics

This infographic shows 3 ways to prevent drug usage amongst youths. The icons of a brain and a person is used to represent the mental and physical aspects of drug addiction. The words highlighted in yellow corresponds with the the title which is "Ways to prevent drug usage". On the other hand, the words highlighted in red are keywords that shows the positive outcome of preventing harmful drug usage altogether.

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Name: Pocket Style

Pocket Style is a portable closet, designed to help organise and keep count of the clothes you have. Simply just by scanning the QR code of your purchases, you will receive HD images and information of your items. By adding the image of your item into your closet, the "Create Pocket Style" feature on the application will give you the privilege to mix and match different styles on your mobile device.

Splash Screen
Login Page

The camera feature of this application acts as a QR code scanner. This scanner is designed to detect QR codes attached to your purchases.

QR Code Scan Feature

If the scan is successful, you will obtain an image and some details about your item. On this page, you are required to pick a category (eg. tops, dresses, pants) before you decide what you want to do with your item (eg. add to closet).

QR Code Scan Result Page

Your profile page will include 5 profile features which are pocket closet, pocket shop, pocket trash, pocket style and pocket inspiration. Through these features, people are able to see your collection and what you're up to for as long as the category is public. You can also customise the background and colours of your profile page.

Profile Page

The closet feature collects and categorises all of your items so that you can easily look through the things you have.

Closet Page
Closet (Categorised) Page

By clicking on an item in your closet, you are able to see its information. On this page, you can also write and share a post about the item or add the item into other profile features.

Product Information Page

The shop feature allows you to sell items either from your closet or right from the moment you scan the QR code. This page allows your viewers to look through the items you're selling. Any items sold will permanently be removed from your library and transferred to its new owner.

Shop Feature (Selling)

In the shop feature, you are also able to look through the items you have purchased from other users. Once you approve the shipment of the item, it will be added into your closet automatically.

Shop Feature (Purchases)

To form a complete style, the "create pocket style" feature allows you to compile items from your closet. Once the style is complete, you can either save it privately for yourself or post it up publicly so that your friends can see it.

Style Compilation Page

In order to compile a look, you must first select items from your closet before dragging and dropping it in the space provided. once you're satisfied with the outcome, remember to post it up so you don't lose the look.

Create Style Feature

The home page is where you can see your friends' posts. on every post, you will be given the choice to like the post, comment on the post, save the post to "pocket inspiration" and see the tagged items of the post.

Home Page

The explore page is where you discover new posts and users.

Explore Page

The notification page is where you will be notified when other users like or leave comments on your posts.

Notifications Page

The trash bin feature allows you to remove items from your closet.

Trash Bin Page

The inspiration feature allows you to save the posts you like into specific collections.

Save Page

The library access feature acts as a shortcut to access the 5 main profile features.

Library Access Feature

The settings page is where you change the settings of your account.

Settings Page

Assignment 2: Video

Art: (name of social media page) Sago, (community interest) For people who are looking to use fashion as a tool to paint their self-portrait, (objectives) To reveal to society that everyone has the freedom to wear anything, To encourage people that they are who they are when they like what they are wearing, (video concept & idea) A collision between the perfect & imperfect; smooth & static shots; Focusing on aesthetic styles with combinations of bold colours.

Mind Map & Moodboard

Mind Map


Storyboard #1
Storyboard #2
Storyboard #3

Assignment 3: Chat Stickers

This is a series of unicorn animals going about their majestic life in animated GIFs.


Theme: unicorn animals (with kawaii facial expressions)



Uni-penguin having a little snooze


Uni-cat is feeling happy after having a hearty meal


Uni-puppy feeling sad after her leg injury


Uni-dino working hard on her sketches for art class


Uni-hamster is angry because everything else in the world is too big for her little self


"If it's pronounced gif, am I a ji-raffe or a gi-raffe" said a confused uni-giraffe
Created By
Annie Gan


Created with images by Pavel P. - "Wake Up Bright In The Morning Light" • ILIERNAVARRO - "cactus plant thorns thorny nature desert garden" • Kylie Kae - "023 plant" • koishikawagirl - "DSC_0012"

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