The Jazz Age "The original dixieland"

The Jazz Age, the birth of Jazz and the history behind it, the Jazz age brought us the new type of music called Jazz, and we of course- like and other type of music- made a lot of songs out of it, but, what was the Jazz Age like you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

At the start of every story, we of course need some bit of History in our lives, so for right now, we’ll have a history lesson about the History of The Jazz Age. Jazz started way back around the 1920’s and was brought to us by a group of unnamed African Americans and we adopted it to become one of our types of Music Genres, and continue to use it to this day. After WW1, a Group of people from New Orleans brought Jazz to other states, and ending in bringing them to New York, this of course boomed in the states, and in the late 1920’s, the art of Jazz grew and got more and more popular, and if it wasn’t obvious, we know where that ended. Around the 1930’s and 40’s, we got our first Female singers going in on the whole Jazz Age stuff, and we also have some other stuff to go over, but for history standards, that’s all for the history section, lets move onto the next segment, the Economics.

The Economics of the Jazz Age, a time of Money and stuff like that and such I guess, that is what we will be talking about right now and what this will be I guess and such. When the society changed during the Jazz Age, the economy boomed and it kept rising, during the Economic Boom, they did a thing that they referred to, was the Laissez-Faire Approach, where they basically just cut off all taxes and gave it a cool name I guess. Also during this time, some of Antitrust Laws got weakened and along with it, came an uprising monopoly with more money coming in. But, as we all now, good times must come to an end, one day in the year 1929, the crash of ‘29 came and all of the money was gone, people went bankrupt and poor, people died I would assume I’m not fully sure what happened after that.

The Geography of the Jazz is pretty interesting, as it basically goes over what Jazz was used for in the other places before it came to us, and here we go. During the time of Slavery, before Jazz was even brought to us, some Slaves sang an early version of Jazz to keep up morale during the times they were captive, as well as to hide the plans of escaping the place they were in. Later in the years, in a town called Sedalia, one of the oldest Jazz songs ever made were created there, dubbed the “Maple Leaf Rag” which can still be downloaded and listened to today. Jazz got its start in New Orleans before it was later given out to other states, before the Jazz name was made, the people there called it Dixieland, and it was later called Jazz for an unexplained reason. Along with the Dixieland name, there was also the first kind of Dixieland Band: “The Original Dixieland Jazz Band,” where they played Dixieland songs and such, with their most famous ones being the Dixieland One Step, and it’s one of the earliest Jazz pieces out there.

Last but not least, the Civics of the Jazz Age, I couldn’t really get a lot of info about it but here we go anyway. Jazz took a big part in our civil rights during its uprising, with it actually helping to enforce the Civil Rights Movement. During this time, there were a lot of strict rules against Blacks and Whites playing together, because of the racial segregation still going on, and because of this, only during the After Hours when nobody was around could they play together. Because of these racial issues, the only cafe without racial segregation; “Caf&eacute” was given false sanitation inspections, with the people purposefully taking soap to dock it because of both races being able to play together, in an attempt to get them shut down just because of them allowing the Blacks and Whites to stay there together. That’s pretty much all I’ve got though, I couldn’t really find a lot Civics wise, so that’s pretty much it.

The Jazz Age had a lot of ups and downs, with all of the racial segregation involved and the birth of Dixieland and the evolution of it to becoming Jazz. The Jazz Age was one of the best times in american history as well as Jazz helping to enforce laws, and because of that, if it had never existed, it would’ve been way different.

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