Andrew Carnegie A Captain of Industry

Andrew Carnegie, born on November 25, 1835, grew up to be one of the most successful and wealthiest businessmen in America. His acts are defined as a true captain of industry. Andrew Carnegie is a captain of industry because he decided to build a bridge over the Mississippi River, realized the potential of steel, and he generously built libraries and schools for the people of the city.

Andrew Carnegie's steel bridge

1: Builds a bridge over the Mississippi: He struggled to achieve a way to build that bridge. Carnegie took a very big risk in building the bridge but it was worth it. When he finally built the bridge, people had a better way for transporting goods and other necessities.

Carnegie's steel company

2: Steel: Carnegie, in order to build the bridge over the Mississippi River, couldn't build it with iron. He tried to find a way to build the bridge with a stronger material, steel. He found out about the Bessemer process and eventually became the best in steel production. Steel is still used to build bridges and eventually skyscrapers.

Carnegie Hall

3: After the Johnstown Flood, many people and news articles blamed many industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie for the disaster. Carnegie having a guilty feeling for all the lives lost suddenly had a change of heart and decided to give his money away. He donated his money to charities and also built many schools and libraries like Carnegie Hall (picture above).

Even today, the magnates from the Gilded Age still affect us. Vanderbilt's railroads helps many people travel by train, Rockefeller's oil fuels the trains, and the trains are made out of Carnegie's steel. All 3 magnates also have their own colleges to help students study. Vanderbilt donated many churches to the community and also donated his largest steamship to the union navy. Rockefeller donated his money to organizations for education and arts. Carnegie became a philanthropist and also donated his money to several organizations.


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